CIOE 2019 Factory Tour

In order to help overseas buyers to find high-quality Chinese suppliers and to narrow the communication gap in overseas business. CIOE will launch CIOE 2019 Factory Tour for a closer look into key exhibitors' technologies during the exhibition.

Two Factory Tour routes are available. Visitors can select which route to join. It's a must-attend activity to visit China's leading factories and to know more about the current state of China's advanced manufacturing industry.

Option 1: Automotive Electronics


    Address: F6, TaiJiaLe Industrial Park, Tongguan Road, Tianliao Community, Gongmin, Guangming New District, ShenZhen, China

    Company Profile

    LeiShen Intelligent Systems Co.,Ltd was founded in 2015 in China with the mission of becoming one of the global leading providers in LiDAR and LiDAR solutions. Our Integration Chip TechnologyR patents and 2 automation workshop plants (ISO9001:2015 Certified) in China create the satisfying performance, reasonable price and stable leadtime for cutting edge of LiDAR industries, such as Automotive, Mapping, Security, Smart Traffic, Robot, AGV, Industrial Automation, Port Automation and the like. All products meet the standards of IEC60825-1:2014(eys safe),CE & FDA regulations applicable in LiDAR Industry. We are currently deliverying LiDAR and its solutions to more than 1000 clients worldwide.
    LeiShen is the only company in the world has fully mastered 4 laser detection principles including time of fight, FMCW , phase method and triangular method. Also, it is the only company in world that independently develops LiDAR integrated circuit chips, the only company in China that has independently developed a LiDAR automatic and semi-automatic production line, which has increased production efficiency by dozens of times, improved mass production capacity, improved performance and stability of LiDAR products and reduced costs, and the only LiDAR company that can independently produce human eye safety band 1550nm fiber laser for long-range LiDAR.

    Main Products

    TOF LiDAR with 1/16/32/128/160/200 channels, solid-state LiDAR based on MEMS/ 3D FLASH/Optical Phased Array, phase-method LiDAR, long range LiDAR, laser imaging LiDAR and triangulation LiDAR, and products like 3D laser scanner, laser displacement sensor, high-accuracy laser sensor, special fiber laser , etc . Also, system solutions based on LiDAR for autonomous driving, ADAS, smart traffic, robot, AGV, port automation, industrial automation, smart security, 3D mapping, etc .


    Address: 103, Hechang 5th Road West, Zhongkai National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, Huizhou, Guangdong, China

    Company Profile

    Desay SV (stock code: 002920), one of the leading automotive electronics companies, is an active player in the domain of Intelligent and Connected Vehicles(ICV). It provides innovative, smart and competitive electronics solutions and services to Smart Cabin, Smart driving and Smart Connected Services technologies. It focuses on the seamless integration of Man, Machine and Lifestyle.
    Desay SV is committed to augment its expertise and capabilities in R&D, quality management and intelligent manufacturing for over 30 years, ensuring that it is able to meet the diverse needs of OEM customers and provide them with superior solutions and services. Desay SV has established long-term partnerships with Volkswagen Group, Mazda, Volvo Cars, FAW Group, SAIC Group, Geely Auto, Great Wall Motors, GAC Group, Chery, NIO, XPENG and many other local and global OEM customers.

    Main Products

    In-vehicle Infotainment System, Climate Control, Driver Information Display, Display System, Driver Assistance Systems


    Address: Desay 3rd Industrial Zone, Zhongkai Hi-tech District, Huizhou, Guangdong, China

    Company Profile

    Huizhou Desay Industrial Development Co., Ltd. (formerly “Desay Group”) was established in 1983. It has nearly 50 companies including listed companies on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. It is a national top 500 enterprise and a top 20 Chinese electronics company.
    Huizhou Desay Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Huizhou Desay Industrial Development Co., Ltd. and is one of the largest suppliers of optical component automation equipment in China. Founded in 2005, Huizhou is the base for the establishment of East China R&D, sales and service centers.
    The company's automation equipment is based on precision optical intelligent equipment. It covers visual software systems, appearance AOI inspection, and image inspection technology. Applications include: optical components (mobile phone lenses, car modules, etc.), automotive electronics (smart driving) fully automated production lines and customized customer services to maximize customer automation and enhance competitive advantage.
    In the next ten years, adhering to the enterprise spirit of “pursuing excellence and challenging the limits”, we will promote enterprise mechanism innovation, technology innovation and management innovation, and strive to build the company's technical competitiveness and service competitiveness, so that the company can develop into a customer, employee and shareholder. And socially responsible companies.

    Main Products

    Automatic optical lens automatic assembly line; Car lens assembly line; Automatic car camera module assembly and test line; Car mounted camera AA device; Car mounted camera function test equipment; Automatic optical lens appearance inspection equipment; Automatic cutting equipment

Option 2:Laser


    Address: Maxphotonics Industrial Park, 3rd Furong Road, Furong Industrial Area, Shajing, Bao’an, Shenzhen, China

    Company Profile

    Maxphotonics, established in 2004 in Shenzhen-one of the most energetic and creative city in China, we are a major professional leading developer and manufacturer of the fiber laser and optical passive device, and the first and only high-tech enterprise in China to localize two core technologies and have more than ten years of experience in designing and manufacturing customized fiber lasers for major national and international projects.

    Main Products

    Pulsed Fiber Laser Series, Fiber Laser for scientific researches, Tunable Fiber Laser, Fiber Amplifier, ASE Light Source, etc.


    Address: Han’s Laser Building, No. 128 Chongqing Road, Fuyong Street, Bao’an District, Shenzhen, China 

    Company Profile

    Han's Laser Technology Industry Group Co., Ltd, a public company that is established in 1996, has now become the flagship of Chinese national laser industry and the world's famous laser equipment manufacturer. Han's Laser is committed to providing customers with the latest industrial laser machine technology to better suit their special needs. Han's Laser went public in Shenzhen Stock Exchange Market in 2004. 
    Han’s Laser has very strong research abilities. Our proficient R&D team has got more than 300 patents and dozens of software copyrights. Also, Han’s Laser is one of the few companies which master the Ultraviolet Laser Patent technology in the world. We are fully committed and devoted to enhance our technology leadership in laser industry.
    In Shenzhen, Han’s Laser has a 230000 ㎡ global manufacturing base, which is currently the biggest processing and manufacturing base of the laser industry.

    Main Products

    Laser Engraving/Marking/Etching Series, Laser Welding Series, Laser Cutting Series, Sub-Surface Engraving Series, Laser Display Series, etc.

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Option 1: Automotive Electronics Sept 5, AM-PM

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9:00-10:20 Bus from SZCEC to LEISHEN


11:20-12:00 Break time, lunch at LEISHEN

PM 12:00-2:30 Bus from LEISHEN to DESAY SV

2:30-3:30DESAY SV

3:30-4:00 Bus from DESAY SV to DESAY AUTOMATION


5:00-7:00 Back to SZCEC

Option 2: Laser Sept 6, PM

PM 12:50 Pick up at SZCEC meeting point

1:00-2:10Bus from SZCEC to MAXPHOTONICS


3:10-4:00 Bus from MAXPHOTONICS to HAN'S LASER

4:00-5:00HAN'S LASER

5:00-6:30 Back to SZCEC

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