What is One2One Business Matchmaking?

One2One Business Match-Making, as part of VIP Buyer Program, is designed to deliver pre-arranged face-to-face meetings between exhibitors and buyers/top-level decision makers who have purchasing needs and budget for their new project or products.

What Match-Making could help you with are

Quick access to your target suppliers by receiving a full copy of relevant exhibitor list.

Pre-arrange your schedule to meet the entire supply chains with full optoelectronic solutions at one stop.

Network with high-profile Chinese optoelectronic companies.

Interpretation services available upon request.

  • Reach target suppliers

  • Enhance sourcing efficiency

  • Network with peers

Match-making Procedure

Match-making Procedure

1.Register as a VIP Buyer, submit your sourcing requirements on target products.

2.You'll receive the exhibitor list based on your sourcing needs.

3.VIP Buyer team will reserve the meeting with your target exhibitors.

4.Achieve your purchasing objective in a high-efficiency way.

Successful Match-makings at CIOE 2020

  • Case A

    One of the world’s top 3 fiber components manufacturer was looking for global suppliers to extend their supply chain due to business expansion.

    They submitted their request two months before CIOE 2019 and received a customized exhibitor list exclusively.

    During the show they've met 50 suppliers for deep communications for future cooperation.

  • Case B

    One data center integrator was sourcing IDC, smart defense & security robots, infrared defense & security equipment and fiber optics. They sent beforehand to reserve the free VIP lounges for meeting with qualified exhibitors recommended by CIOE VIP Buyer Program . Several exhibitors were enrolled in their supplier list for future procurement.

  • Case C

    One International leading consumer electronics brand joined VIP Buyer Program and successfully met top management of their target suppliers through the elaborate arrangement of CIOE buyer team. They're so pleased with this program providing valuable industrial sources and networking chances.

More Premium Benefits You May Enjoy

☆ Supply Chain Meeting

1. If you have bulk demands on purchasing,

2. If you want to gather all suppliers in one meeting.

CIOE could support you to organize the Supply Chain Meeting, by providing free meeting room and inviting your target exhibitors to attend.

☆ Networking Event

As an ideal platform for optoelectronic peers to share insights on industry trends, breakthrough technologies and business opportunities, CIOE organizes networking events to connect entrepreneurs, top management, key buyers and senior technologists from China and abroad in order to help push forward their international business.