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CIOE and COS join hands to promote the IYL2015

2014-12-09 00:00:00Source:CIOE

November 29, 2014, Vice Executive and Secretary General of the China International Optoelectronic Exposition (CIOE), Mr. Yang Xiancheng and Vice Secretary General, Professor Peng Wenda visited Gongqi Huang, the Secretary General of Chinese Optical Society and Academician of Chinese Academy of Science to have deep discussion about IYL promotion work in China. Two parties will work together to fully implement the mission of popularizing the light science and light-based technology. CIOE will hold various activities during its exhibition period (September 2-5, 2015) to contribute to the popularization of light-based technology and science.


Academician Gong Qihuang pointed out “International Year of Light 2015 is an important opportunity to promote and popularize the light science and light technology. Chinese Optical Society and Chinese Physical Society will held joint conference to celebrate International Year of Light. At the same time, we will invite other light-related institutions to participate in the event and to expand the influence of International Year of Light.”


As an important promoter of global optoelectronics industry, CIOE has always been a spreader of optoelectronic science & technology to increase technical exchange and play an active role in various activities at home and abroad. In a recent meeting with Mr. Gong Qihuang, the academician proposed to bring next year’s General Council of Chinese Optical Society to be held concurrently with the 17th China International Optoelectronic Exposition in Shenzhen. It will be a good opportunity to centralize all industry resources and achieve production-learning-study communication at multi-level and multi-aspect, providing a broader international perspective and a bigger cooperation opportunity for whole optoelectronics industry. CIOE Secretary General Mr. Yang Xiancheng extend a warm welcome to Mr. Gong’s proposal and wish two parties can have a further negotiation and confirm cooperation details.


During the meetings, academician Gong mentioned, “Next year we will continue to hold nationwide optical technology public lectures, science exhibitions, conferences, as well as optical academician science lectures in colleges, middle and primary schools, and invite the public to visit the science laboratory. In terms of production and research cooperation, we will actively promote the collaboration between the well-known optical companies, researchers and research institutions, and vigorously promote the rapid transformation of scientific research and so on. Some activities will be fully launched at CIOE 2015.”


In addition, CIOE will also work with the Chinese Optical Society to organize a delegation to UNESCO in Paris France to attend the opening ceremony of the International Year of Light in the early of January in 2015. The delegation will take this chance to present the development of China’s optical technology and sciences. For more details, please refer to CIOE official website: www.cioe.cn or contact us below to get more information.


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