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Dr.Mi Lei's giving a speech on Hard &Core Technology Change The Word——Consumer Photon Age Approaching at CIOE 2018

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Hard &Core Technology Change The Word——Consumer Photon Age Approaching


Mi Lei, Founding Partner and Co-CEO of Xi’an CAS Star; Ph.D. of Optical Science, Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics of CAS; Executive Director of Shaanxi Institute of Advanced OEIC Technologies; Vice-Director of Young Scientists’ Social Responsibility Alliance.


Devoted himself to industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, Dr. Mi compiled the concept of “hard & core technology”, initiated the Hard & Core Technology Innovation Alliance and pointed out that “tech entrepreneurship will be the mainstream of China’s development in the next thirty years”. With the aim of driving the regional economic development and creating the tech-startup ecosystem, Dr. Mi has founded the first angel fund and incubator that targeted at the field of hard & core technology in China, which has invested and incubated more than 230 high-tech companies with the amount of 1.5 billion CNYand created 5000 new job opportunities. In 2017Dr. Mi won the CAST-Qiu Shi Outstanding Scientist Award and the China Young Entrepreneur Award.

Speech: Hard &Core Technology Change The Word——Consumer Photon Age Approaching

Forum: Executive Forum on 3D Sensing For Consumer: Let’s Connect with This Game Changing User Interface

Date: September 6th, 2018


The underlying technology represented by optical computing (optics, machinery, electricity, algorithms) has been promoting the technological transformation of human beings. The development of mechanical technology promoted the first industrial revolution, and the power electronics technology promoted the second industrial revolution. The hard science and technology represented by integrated circuit (electricity 1970s) computer software (algorithm 1980s) optical fiber communication (optical 1990s) Internet (algorithmic 2000s) promoted the third industrial revolution characterized by information technology. At present, almost all of the scientific and technological products are based on the " optics, machinery, electricity, algorithms " technology. The future development of " optics, machinery, electricity, algorithms " trend will turn to chip; the electricity turn to integrated circuit, light will be developed to integrated optical path, computer to MEMS chip.

In the past 50 years, with the development of the integrated circuit industry in the world, the characteristic size of integrated circuit chips has tended to the physical limit, and it has become a trend for photons to replace electrons. Optoelectronic chip will be the cornerstone of the whole information industry in the future. Optoelectronic integrated chip technology has the advantages of low power consumption, high speed, high reliability, small volume and so on. It will be a key link in the fields of optical transmission, optical information processing and exchange, optical access and optical and wireless fusion. Playing a more and more important role is the only way to break through the bottleneck of speed and energy consumption of information network, and will become a revolutionary technology in the future. With the development of optoelectronic integrated artificial intelligence (algorithm) technology, the fourth industrial revolution characterized by intelligence is coming.

In the information age, integrated circuits promote the development of consumer electronics industry, and bring the global consumer electronics industry market of more than trillion dollars every year. Optoelectronic chips, as the hardware foundation of the intelligent age, have promoted the development of the related industries. The iPhone X has for the first time integrated the consumption-grade optoelectronic chip modules. The era of consumer photons, the future of consumer photons will produce a trillions of dollars in the market.

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