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[Exhibitor Invitation] How to invite your buyers to visit your booth at CIOE 2019?

2019-06-24 17:22:12Source:CIOE

[Exhibitor Invitation]  How to invite your buyers to visit your booth at CIOE 2019?


We all know the importance of face-to-face communication to build a build stronger, more meaningful business relationships than we do on the international. Even though it’s 21st century already but we still strongly believe the magic of face-to-face communication and we also firmly face-to-face communication will keep playing the dominant role in business in the future no matter how internet grows for below reasons:


l  Demonstrate importance

l  Interpret thoughts and feelings

l  Enhance credibility and trust

l  Build relationships

l  Gather feedback

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As you will be exhibiting at CIOE 2019 with your latest product, it’s very important you invite you customer to check out your latest technologies and hot selling products to build up a closer relationship with them. In order to help you we set up an email invitation system to help!



3 Steps to use your tailor-made invitation


1.       Log in your exhibitor service system. Portal


2.       Click “Buyer Invitation Email” on the left bar.


3.       When you launch your tailor-made page, you will see your product and introduction on it. Click “Send invitation” after fill in customer’s email.


Then this page will be sent to your customer directly.



l  If you need invite multiple customers, please fill in your list in the bottom of your page with a common to separate each email address.

l  If you have a long list to invite, please send it to us and we’re happy to help.

l  You can also find the link of your invitation page on top in case you need to use it on website.



We care about your business results at CIOE and we think by working together we can truly connect as much as business for you.


If you had anything question please feel free to contact Derek.deng@cioe.cn