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Light-based technologies are changing our lives

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Light-based technologies are changing our lives


The 21st China International Optoelectronic Exposition (also known as CIOE 2019) opened on September 4-7, 2019 in Shenzhen city, the innovative capital of China. The exhibit range CIOE covered is optical communications, precision optics, sensing, lasers and infrared. The common point of all them is the use of light. In a word, CIOE is one big exhibition display light-based technologies and products and nowhere else could have a plainer view on how light-based technologies change our lives.

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The establishment of CIOE base on the strong belief that light will bring benefit to human society in every aspect for being reproducible and clean energy. With the development of the light-based technologies, human being’s now are enjoying more advanced health care, security and protection, intelligent manufacturing than ever. It’s also obvious when we use a smart phone to connect a friend thousand miles away with, or we watch a nice movie on a bigger screen even when we install a brighter light bulb with less electricity consuming in our studies, all the credit are actually given to the application of light-base technologies.


CIOE, starting from 1999, has already developed as China’s largest optoelectronic and photonics event, covering the entire ecosystem of the light-based technologies industry. With more than 1,900 exhibitors and more than 800+ presentations in concurrent forums, insightful foreseeable life style changing by light-technologies are noticeable:


l  The disruptive technology Si photonics is on the tipping point taking leverage of semiconductors manufacturing to integrate optical functions at the wafer level. It is driven by data centers at this moment but other applications such as 5G, sensors, automotive are looming on the horizon.


l  LiDAR for automotive is a hot topic. It is believed that robotic vehicles and robot taxis will open the way to the use of LiDAR technology to other vehicles.


l  After Apple paved the way for 3D sensing in smart phones, more mobile phone companies will be integrating this application in their smart phones.


l  Uncooled infrared imaging applications keeps growing with more usages in automotive, surveillance and next: smart buildings.



All these light-based technologies is going to change our current lives by offering us better communications, smarter mobile phone, better transportation and a safer and smarter home.



With more than 20 years’ experience devoting in Light, CIOE 2020 will be moving to the new venue – Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center, presenting to the world a bigger one-stop platform consisting of exhibition, conferences and factory visit focusing on optoelectronic and photonics. Under the support and help of IYL, CIOE will continue present the latest light-based technologies and products would be displayed how light is benefiting our lives to the light community.


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