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Finally there comes a good sign on fighting COVID-19

2020-03-04 09:22:03Source:CIOENews label:optoelectronic survey, CIOE survey, COVID-19

Latest developments in epidemic control – updated Mar 3rd

Confirmed: 80,302                                   

Suspected: 587                                                 

Cured: 47,260

Source: National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China


There’s a huge growth numbers of cured of COVID-19 in China since our last update one week ago. Over 50% of the infected patients were cured already in China. Fewer case happened each day due to national effort and more accurate detection methods. At this moment companies in China started to back to work and We can strongly feel that China is recovering and it recovers pretty good!



[CIOE Survey on Epidemic influence on China Optoelectronic Market in 2020]

CIOE Organizing Committee conducted a survey to optoelectronic peers in China to see their opinions on the epidemic, which provides insights for your better referral.


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