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[Press Release] New exhibitors confirmed their debuts at CIOE 2020

2020-04-17 12:03:35Source:CIOE

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For moving to its new venue to Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center in 2020, China International Optoelectronic Exposition (CIOE), the world largest optoelectronic exposition, will free from its years' wall-bound with even larger exhibition area up to 160,000 and the floor plan will be much organized and friendly for professional buyers in sourcing top-notch materials, components, devices and equipment.


Expecting totally 3,000 exhibitors will showcase their latest technologies and products at CIOE 2020 covering information communications, laser, infrared, precision optics, lens and camera module, optoelectronic sensor and photonic innovations. With more space, CIOE's capable to integrate more resources and to welcome more new optoelectronic companies to explore the further of the industry together. More than 500+ new exhibitors had confirmed their debuts at CIOE 2020, joining world's largest optoelectronic gathering.


HiSilicon, the eye-catcher in optical communications industry, will bring along its latest optical components and modules at CIOE 2020 - Information and Communication Expo. Key players such as Sifotonics, XDK COMMUNICATION EQUIPMENT, Triple-stone Technology will also bring along their latest products in cables/fibers, testing, sensing, and in device manufacturing and processing. Meanwhile, STAr technologies, SET CORPORATION SA, Peilican Products and Services will be also launching CIOE 2020 with instrumentation and measurement device, optical communication chips and systems.


For the CIOE 2020 - Precision Optics Lens and Camera Module Expo, key players such as ASM MICROELECTRONIC TECHNICAL SERVICES, HÜTTINGER, Beijing Machine Toll Research Institute, SUMITA OPTICS, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, Edwards Vacuum will present their up-to-date products in optical coating, optical imaging measurement and optical lens & modules. Meanwhile Teledyne Photometrics, Jagular Industry, SOLAR CHEMICAL APPLIED MATERIALS TECHNOLOGY, RADIATION TECHNOLOGY, DELO Industrial Adhesives, Isuzu Optics, NAGASE will also complete the precision optics product categories from materials to module to manufacturing and processing equipment.


Suzhou Everbright Photonics, Connet Fiber Optic, Beijing Exuberance Opto-electronics Technology, Suzhou Bellin Laser, OPUS MICROSYSTEMS, SYNTEC TECHNOLOGY, Light Conversion, Altechna, Ekspla, Workshop of Photonics, QS Lasers, Direct Machining Control, Optogama will further richen choice of laser supply chain at CIOE 2020 - Lasers Technology & Intelligent Manufacturing Expo specialized for laser micro-processing and manufacturing.


NJU Institute of Sensing and imaging Engineering, SHENZHEN CREATOR INVENTOR CONNECTOR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, China Building Material Academy, Unl-Trend Technology, SHANGHAI MAGNITY ELECTRONICS, SuZhou Gem Optpelectronic Technology, BEIJING ZHONGXING TIMES TECHNOLOGY, Chengdu Ultra pure Applied Materials and EAST OPTOELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY will also showcase the hot the infrared applications in imaging, inspection, energy, surveillance and safety, and fire prevention at CIOE 2020 - Infrared Applications Expo, while Fraunhofer FEP, Optochip optoelectronics, iReach corporation and Qingdao Pico Technology will presenting their 3D imaging and 3D sensing items, liDAR and fiber optic sensor at CIOE 2020 - Optoelectronic Sensor Expo.


It is expected that CIOE will again bring premier event for buyer in all optoelectronic categories thanks to their debuts at CIOE 2020.

Register now to join CIOE 2020 at Shenzhen World in the coming September.


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