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Blackbody Free! New IR Temperature Screening Solution Stands Out

2020-04-23 10:48:15Source:CIOE

[Outstanding Photonics in COVID-19 Fighting]

Outstanding cool technologies have been active in the fight against the epidemic, already shown to the world their strengths and capacities in the epidemic.

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Blackbody, as a standard heat source, is a sophisticated and complex testing, metering device. Thermal imaging temperature measurement equipment can use the blackbody as a calibration reference to ensure a high level of temperature accuracy in a stable environment. As a result, some infrared manufacturers have included simple blackbody models in their temperature screening programs to improve temperature accuracy.

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However, is blackbody a necessity for temperature screening?

Not really.

Launch’s infrared body temperature screening equipment adopts high quality infrared thermal imaging movement with high sensitivity and stability, which is specially customized and optimized to characteristics of thermal imaging (within the small range of body temperature 33℃~38℃).

It adopts the industry-leading human body temperature model temperature measurement and calibration algorithm, integrating the human body temperature measurement data (accumulated over many years of human body temperature measurement data), which can effectively ensure the accuracy of better than ±0.3℃ after on-site calibration (certified by Chengdu Institute of Metrology Verification and Testing).

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Why is the "Blackbody Free ± 0.3°C Solution" from Launch a better choice?

First, choosing blackbody would be costly and also cumbersome to deploy. As a rapidly deployable, plug-and-play infrared screening device, system simplicity, quick installation and quick service are the most important features. The blackbody is expensive and requires additional installation and careful selection of mounting angles and locations. In order not to interfere with the direction of travel of the people being tested, the blackbody is preferably mounted with a suspended ceiling. As a result, screening programs without blackbody have the advantage of being more stable and faster.

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Secondly, the accuracy improvement from the installation of blackbody is still subject to the external environment. Although infrared temperature measurement can improve some of the accuracy when aided by a simple blackbody, non-contact temperature measurement is affected by a number of factors such as the external environment and the surface characteristics of the human skin (sweat, roughness), in which case the value of the increased accuracy of the blackbody during primary screening is reduced.

Finally, the accuracy of ±0.3°C temperature measurement fully meets the needs of primary body temperature screening, without the need to add black body for calibration. In the case of a large number of people, in order to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the epidemic control, there are generally three levels of screening: firstly, primary body surface temperature screening with an infrared screen, secondly, confirmation with a frontal thermometer, and finally, medical-level confirmation with a mercury thermometer. According to the national standard GB/T 19146-2010, the laboratory error of the sifter should be better than ±0.4℃. Therefore, the better than ±0.3°C performance in the first stage of screening is fully satisfactory for the application.


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