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MKS/Newport: Small Filters Make Big Differences

2020-04-24 11:54:18Source:CIOE

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In the initial epidemic in 2020, we saw photonics professionals’s efforts and solidarity in fighting the COVID-19 together. We recently had a small talk with Mr.Junfeng Xu, the sales manager of MKS-NEWPORT(Wuxi). He introduced us the response measures taken by Newport in the epidemic, and shared the important role played by the "hard core" products.

Positive response, Safe return to work

MKS Instruments is a global supplier of instruments and solutions for measuring, monitoring, transmitting, analyzing, driving and controlling critical parameters in advanced manufacturing processes. Newport, a brand of MKS's Light and Motion Optics and Motion Control Division, offers a variety of optoelectronic solutions, including motion control, optical platforms and vibration isolation systems, optoelectronic instruments, optical lenses, filters and photomechanical components. Application areas include scientific research, laser processing, life and health sciences, MKS/Newport (wuxi) is a fully owned manufacturing and processing company established by MKS/Newport in mainland China.

During the epidemic, as the first batch of enterprises approved to resume production in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, we strictly implement the epidemic prevention requirements of the municipal party committee and district government to resume production, reaching more than 90% of the resume rate. For customers with urgent product demand, we respond to the first time to deliver and arrange production. At the same time, adhering to the principle of putting the safety of employees first, with the help of the U.S. headquarters and South Korea, Japan and other sister companies, we purchased enough epidemic prevention materials in the first week of the Chinese Spring Festival. The office area, workshop, restaurant and other areas are strictly disinfected, while shuttle bus and fast food suppliers also did a good job for ensuring employees’ commute to office and production. In addition, the company's management also gave a lot of care and comfort and material help to those employees who couldn’t return to Wuxi in time in the severe outbreak area.

Key components in diagnostic and monitoring instruments

In the early stages of the epidemic, the factory in Wuxi, and factories in the United States received expedited orders from domestic medical diagnostic equipment companies for optical lenses and filters, mainly to produce blood analyzers. Some of our employees took the initiative to work overtime during the Chinese New Year, while the factories responded quickly, marshalling stock products for quick shipments, and working overtime to produce additional shipments. The Franklin plant in the U.S. mainly produces filters, and has extensive cooperation with many domestic IVD (in vitro diagnostic products) companies; the filters produced by the Franklin plant are used not only for blood analyzers, but also for biochemical instruments, fluorescence quantitative PCR instruments and other important diagnostic products, which play an important role in the diagnosis and monitoring of this outbreak. Facing the severe epidemic, we defied the hardships and overcame the difficulties of production and logistics to fully support the production of the client instrument.

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The MKS/Franklin factory was established in 1967 and has been known for the production and sale of Corion brand coated products and interference filters for over 35 years. It is widely used in medical diagnostics and other fields and is the preferred product for many IVD companies to develop and produce instruments.

Junfeng Xu said,

"No winter is insurmountable and no spring will not come.

I believe that after the end of the epidemic war, we photonics professionals will become more socially responsible, and will play a greater role for our intelligence. Together we’ll make great contributions to human health and to the improvement of the environment, through scientific research and new product development."

If you want to contact MKS/Newport, please do let us know so we could forward the contact.

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