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Innovations in Thin-Film Coatings for Polymer Optics

2020-07-29 18:14:22Source:CIOE

Satisloh has a long tradition of optical manufacturing equipment excellence between the storied histories of both Satis Vacuum (founded in 1965), and LOH Optical Machinery (founded in 1922), with the resulting merged Satisloh organization forming in 2005.

While the optical fabrication machinery, software, and technical support capabilities of Satisloh are well known among optics producers, the growth in optical coating systems innovation has also been under continual focus. In the precision optics segment, one of the key areas of innovation includes coating equipment and process capabilities for polymer optics substrates.

high volume box coater

Satisloh‘s 1200-PO high volume box coater

The demand for precision polymer optics, produced by both injection molding and diamond turning, has grown significantly in recent years. Key objectives such as lightweight lenses, low cost manufacturing, and mass production capabilities have been drivers for designers to specify polymer optics as the lenses of choice.Example applications and devices for polymer optics include VR/AR, defense and security, imaging and scopes, medical instruments, and consumer electronics.

Electron Beam Gun

Electron Beam Gun for coating deposition

When it comes to coatings, polymer lenses are unique subjects. Success in optical coating requires a detailed understanding of each unique polymer; inclusive of it’s chemistry, thermal expansion properties, surface characteristics, and much more. Further, the design and configuration of the vacuum coating equipment must be optimized for depositing thin-films on plastic substrates, as well as the approach to the coating process it-self.

Satisloh is proud to be the pioneer and pacesetter in thin-film coating equipment for polymeric substrates, coating process design, and ancillary technologies such as hardcoating and ultra-sonic cleaning.


Satisloh offers coating solutions for small, mide-size and large scale requirements

Satisloh is also an innovator in nanotechnologies for providing specialty surface characteristics such as anti-static, hydrophobicity, oleophobicity and other desirable surface properties.

When coating precision polymer optics, there are often demanding coating requirements for abrasion resistance, mechanical properties, durability, and environmental stability. In fact, many part drawings require compliance to assorted Mil-Spec, ISO, or related optical and durability standards.

box coater

Large Meissner trap and electron beam gun on the inside of the 1200-PO box coater

With the proper equipment and process design, these types of requirements can often be met. A rugged, sophisticated and highly performing optical coating stack can be successfully accomplished on polymer lenses with the correct coating system, substrate preparation, and deposition techniques.

Satisloh continues the innovation in this precision optics segment with cutting edge developments for rapid production cycles, robust and fully automated coating systems for continuous operation, robotic part loading capabilities and advanced coating processes.

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