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ONA: All-optical network industry is on the rise

2021-01-05 20:32:44Source:CIOE

The 22nd China International Optoelectronics Expo (CIOE) concluded successfully on September 11 at Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center. Chen Zeyu, the Director-General of the Optical Network Alliance (ONA), accepted our interview onsite. Chen introduced to us that the optical fiber has the characteristics of high capacity, low latency and long-distance coverage, and the all-optical network is developed based on these characteristics. At present, enterprises are vigorously transforming to digitalization, but the service bearer network is facing challenges such as complex traditional network architecture, difficult evolution of campus network, and inconvenient network management. In order to meet the challenges, the campus network needs to make adjustments to flatten the network, normalize the evolution, and make the operation and maintenance intelligent. The advantages of fiber optic network architecture, long service life, and intelligent visual management can solve these problems and help industry customers advance their business digital transformation. Chen said that all-optical networks are gradually growing into a solid base for campus networks.

Optical Network Alliance (ONA) at CIOE 2020

Optical Network Alliance (ONA) was established in October 2019, and with the efforts of members and partners, the alliance has made relatively great progress in the advancement of industry standards, joint customer innovation and deployment. The Alliance has done a lot of work since its establishment, including the first POL engineering technology standards of large-scale dissemination, covering 17,000 people; the construction of three all-optical network demonstration base, empowering new infrastructure, and improve the impact of all-optical network, etc. Chen told us that the passive optical LAN has also been included in the national construction standards atlas, and project engineering design has a national standard for reference.

ONA at CIOE 2020

At CIOE 2020, the members of Optical Network Alliance (ONA) including Huawei, Nokia Bell, YOFC, Digital China, China Overseas Property, FiberHome, SHIP and other leading enterprises showed that the all-optical network industry ecology has taken shape to help the development of networks.

According to Chen, the growth of all-optical network industry is a major trend, and the landing of the alliance will accelerate this trend. In the past year, all-optical campus solutions in areas such as education, hotel, transportation, airport and healthcare have been progressed and developed. The competitiveness of the program and the matching of scenarios have dispelled the concerns of users. With the official release and implementation of the first domestic Passive Optical LAN (POL) standard, through the continued promotion of the Alliance, there is now a relatively large coverage, many design institutes and integrators have participated in it. In the future, ONA will continue to develop more industry standards, these standards from the specification to the campus all-optical network construction of written reference. Chen said, "The trend of 'Fiber-in Copper-out’ will get more recognition and application in the industry."

At the end of the interview, Chen said that CIOE is a very influential platform in the optoelectronic industry, and it is a great honor for him to make the debut of ONA at CIOE. He hopes to further strengthen cooperation and work with more partners to make the all-optical network industry larger.

Click the link at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Igsj5JbIb1I to watch the interview video.

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