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Sunny: speed up the deployment on AR/VR and Machine Vision

2021-01-18 18:37:08Source:CIOE

At CIOE 2020 (the 22nd China International Optoelectronics Expo), Mr. Xiong Guanhao, Deputy Director of Strategic Development Center at Sunny Optical Technology, was accepted the interview and introduced about Sunny's new products and technologies onsite. Sunny is a leading company in the field of optics in China, and its products are among the best in the fields of automotive, cell phone lens and modules. In addition, Sunny is also involved in emerging fields, including AR/VR, machine vision, on-board camera modules, etc.

Sunny Optical at CIOE 2020

Zhejiang Sunny Optical Co., Ltd. is the core subsidiary of Sunny Optical Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. (2382.HK). It is a state-level high-tech enterprise and the largest cell phone lens manufacuturer in China.

Sunny Optical at CIOE 2020

At CIOE 2020, Sunny showcased the products including cell phone lens and modules, face recognition modules, VR in shipment, and AR waveguides, etc. There were also new technologies for cell phones, such as periscopic telephoto lens and zoom lens, free-form products, and diffractions.

Mr. Xiong believed that the cell phone camera carrying rate is rising, the technology development has entered a relatively stable period, and this state will continue in the next few years. At present, Sunny is actively laying out emerging applications. On one hand, it is the field of AR/VR, which may become an alternative to cell phones in consumer electronics in the future; on the other hand, it is the machine vision. Thanks to the continuous development of 5G, AI and other technologies, Sunny Optics will focus on “Intelligent eyes of robot” and supporting hardware in the emerging cities.

For cutting-edge technologies, Mr. Xiong further explained that the layout planning needs to meet the customers’ requirements. We all know that the most popular periscope lens is 5 times optical zoom, there will be manufacturers to launch 10 times one after another in the future, and even continuous optical zoom lens, which is also Sunny’s planning. In addition, in the field of LiDAR, Sunny focuses on some optical machine accessories, so as to match customers’ products. And in the field of free-form surface, Sunny has some products in this area, mainly to eliminate the distortion in the cell phone lens.

At the end of the interview, Mr. Xiong said that Sunny Optical Technology has been exhibiting in CIOE every year. In 2020, CIOE moved to the new venue and has a new beginning. Despite the impact of the epidemic, there were many industry professionals to source products, find new partners and collect industry information onsite. We wish CIOE to be a better trade platform and hope we can grow together and make more contributions to China's optoelectronics industry.

Click the link at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQdCuRDWlCo  to watch the live interview video.

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