Focusing on optoelectronic applications to help industry interconnection

Targeting professionals from major optoelectronic application industries like optical communication/information processing and storage, consumer electronics, advanced manufacturing, defense and security, semiconductor processing, energy, sensing and measurement, lighting and display and medical, with showcasing cutting-edge technologies and innovative applications and comprehensive solutions, CIOE has become a one-stop platform for industry professionals to find new technologies and products, to seek market opportunities and for business, technology and academic exchanges.

Focus on the Technological Innovation and Industry Development of Optical Telecommunication Ecosystem

CIOE 2019 Visitor Guide for Data Center

Products: Optical Telecommunications System Equipment, Optical Telecommunications Components (Passive & Active), Optical Cables & Fibers/ Optical Sensors, and Optical Measurement Equipment and Devices, Optical Component Production Equipment, Broadcasting Optical Transmission Equipment, ICT System Equipment, IDC, Data Center Infrastructure, etc.

Focus on the Application and Development of Optoelectronic Technology in the Electronics Industry

CIOE 2019 Visitor Guide for Mobile Phone

Products: Mobile phones and consumer electronics lenses and camera modules, image test light boxes, CMOS sensors, fiber optic sensors, optical processing equipment, fiber optic cables and filters, and other laser processing equipment, AR, VR, laser marking, cutting, welding, etc. , artificial intelligence technology, 5G, VCSEL new applications on mobile phones.

CIOE 2019: Application and Development of Optoelectronic Technology for Autonomous Vehicles

CIOE 2019 Visitor Guide for Automotive Electronics

Products: Automotive cameras & module, Automotive Security, LiDAR, millimeter wave radar, vehicle infrared night vision system, 5G technologies for the Internet of vehicles, laser marking and laser welding equipment, fiber optic cable, filter components and materials and AR/VR.


CIOE 2019 Visitor Guide for Defense & Security

Products: Infrared Thermal Imaging Devices, Infrared Detectors, Infrared Thermometers, Infrared Night Vision Devices, Infrared Sensing, Infrared Ranging, Infrared Video Cameras, Defense and Security, Lens and Camera System, Fiber Optic Sensor, Machine Vision System and Application, Laser Ranging Radar, Military-civilian Technologies, etc..

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