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Nissin Kasei Co., Ltd.

Exhibition Area:Optical Communications Expo


Booth No:1A77

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MT Ferrule/ MPO Connector kit/ MPO Adapter/ Complexed Assembly Product

Company Profile

Various MT ferrules (SM & MM 4/8/12/24/48 fiber cores), MPO connector kits and MPO adaptors are available based on our past molding know-how and technologies since its establishing in 1961. MT ferrule for SM low loss type for 8/12/24 fiber cores achieve less than 0.35dB at random mating. Complexed assembly products having metalized, tapered/wedge-shaped, PMF, various connectors are available. In 2016 we have released 16/32 fiber cores MT ferrule and MPO connector kits for MM as new products.

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  • Telephone: 81-48624-8450-
  • Fax: 81-48624-8404-
  • E-mail: eigyo2@nissinkasei.co.jp
  • Website: http://www.nissinkasei.co.jp/eng/
  • Address: 821 Miyamae-cho, Nishiku, Saitama, JAPAN