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CIOE 2018 Exhibitor Preview

2018-06-20 16:19:16Source:CIOE

CIOE 2018 Exhibitors Preview

Hermetic Solutions Group

Hermetic Solutions Group    Booth #: 2537

Products: hermetic electronic packaging, lids, connectors, getters, ring frames/preforms and thermal management components…


Holo/Or    Booth #: 2511

 Products: beam splitters, beam shapers (top-hat), homogenizers/diffusers,  multi-focal, vortex and more, designs and assembles refractive-diffractive modules… 

OptoTest Corporation    Booth #: 1A64-2

Products: comprehensive and tailored test solutions to the component manufacturing market; MTP/ribbon fiber and multichannel harsh environment testing…

Iridian Spectral Technologies Ltd.

Iridian Spectral Technologies Ltd.    Booth #: 1A53-2

Products: applications in the fields of fiber optic communications, optical spectroscopy, 3D entertainment, and in aerospace…

Aerotech Motion Control Products

Aerotech Motion Control Products (Shanghai) Co., Ltd  Booth #: 1A96

Products: applications in aerospace & defense, semiconductor and flat panel, photonics, automotive, data storage, laser processing…

Kingfisher International P/L

Kingfisher International P/L    Booth #: 2536

Products: equipment is useProducts: equipment is used to install, certify, and assist in the repair of fiber optic systems across all sectors - telecommunications networks, cloud and data-center, defense, vehicular, and aerospace…d to install, certify, and assist in the repair of fiber optic systems across all sectors - telecommunications networks, cloud and data-center, defense, vehicular, and aerospace…

Hataken Co.,Ltd

Hataken Co.,Ltd    Booth #: 2520

Products: grinding fine components, ceramic, glass, nickel alloyed metal, and other difficult materials e.g. Dynamic Air Bearing, V-groove products…

Evatec AG

Evatec AG    Booth #: 9G15

Products:  complete thin film production solutions for consumer devices including next generation 3D Sensing and Gesture Recognition…

Micro Chemical Korea Co., Ltd.

Micro Chemical Korea Co., Ltd.    Booth #: 6C52,6C53

Products: innovative polishing technologies where ultra flatness and precision surface finishing is critical, especially in the field of FPD, Semiconductor, Optical and the precision machinery industries…

OZ OPTICS LTD    Booth #: 1A53-1

The arrays are manufactured using precision silicon wafer V-Groove technology or Pyrex V-Groove in conjunction with a Pyrex lid, enabling sub-micron alignment accuracy with UV cure attachment capabilities...

General Starlight Company Inc. (GSCI)

General Starlight Company Inc. (GSCI)     Booth #: 6C50

Product: QUADRO-S
QUADRO-S is the augmented vision weapon-mountable system for tactical surveillance, observation and engagement at short- and medium-range distances

OptiGrate Corp

OptiGrate Corp    Booth #: 1A64-3

Product: Chirped Volume Bragg Gratings
Chirped Bragg Gratings (CBG, BragGrate™ Pulse), Stretcher and/or Compressor of femtosecond and picosecond laser pulses

Xi’an Zhisensor Technologies Co.,Ltd.

Xi’an Zhisensor Technologies Co.,Ltd.    Booth #: 3J06

Product: MEMS Depth Sensor (3D camera)
Precision motion control products applications in aerospace & defense, semiconductor and flat panel, photonics, automotive, data storage, laser processing

Palomar Technologies (S.E.Asia) Pte Ltd

Palomar Technologies (S.E.Asia) Pte Ltd    Booth #: 1091

Products: Palomar 6532HP
The 6532HP delivers 1.5 micron placement accuracy and speeds up to 1200UPH to maximize throughput. Fully automated presentation of dual 8 inch wafers, up to 72 wafflepack/GelPaks™, or tape feeders provides a high production, flexible, parts presentation platform

STELLA International Co., LTD.

STELLA International Co., LTD.    Booth #: 3F03

Product: DWL4000
Grayscale Lithography; Substrates up to 400 x 400 mm²; Structures down to 0.5 µm; Address grid down to 5 nm; Advanced 3D exposure mode; Optical and air-gauge auto focus; Multiple data input formats; Stage map correction; Multiple write modes; Online data transfer

H-Chip Technology(Tianjin) Co.,Ltd.

H-Chip Technology(Tianjin) Co.,Ltd.     Booth #: 3E05

Product: ZEISS GeminiSEM 500
A field emission scanning electron microscope (FE-SEM). In-lens SE-detector and Esb-detector can help to capture high resolution, high contrast, high S/N ratio images. 0.6nm resolution can be achieved at 30kV...

Chongqing Smart Science & Technology Development

Chongqing Smart Science & Technology Development    Booth #: 3J05

Product:Fiber Acousto-optic Q switch    

A fiber coupling air cooling type acousto-optic Q switching device, which is mainly applied for Q switching of the fiber laser

SINJIN Diamond industrial Corp.

SINJIN Diamond industrial Corp.    Booth #: 9H22

Products: Diamond Tools
SINJIN DIAMOND Industry produces tools for the machining of lenses (modules) requiring high precision, including lenses for phone cameras, black boxes, telephoto lenses, and medical devices to meet demand in the optical industries

Evergreen C&T Corporation

Evergreen C&T Corporation    Booth #: 9P13

Products: Korea No.1 fine chemistry manufacturer and exporter, producing Super-Hydrophobic chemical. our product SEV-1300, EV-100) for AF, AR coating

Team Optic Solution(T.O.S)

Team Optic SolutionT.O.S)  Booth #: 6C49

Product: NIMS (New i-Megascope) 

-2Mega Pixel Full HD SYSTEM -x60~x3,000 Lens replacement type -Rechargeable / Portable type -USB 3.0 Interface...

Duma Optronics Ltd

Duma Optronics Ltd      Booth #: 2518

Product: Laser Analyzing Electronic Autocollimator

Precise USB2.0 device combining the functionality of autocollimator and alignment telescope with laser beam profiling capability. The system measures minute angular displacements for various optical setups and alignment tasks, as well as laser beam divergence analysis


ZEUS     Booth #: 1A64-4

Products: Thermally Stable PEEK Coated Fiber Optics

Throughout our 50 year history, Zeus has grown to become your leader for polymer extrusion technologies. Today you will find our tubing, heat shrink and coating products for fiber optics in medical, energy, automotive, and aerospace industries

Sapphire Technology Co.,Ltd(STC)

Sapphire Technology Co.,LtdSTC)    Booth #: 6D74

Products: Sapphire for Optical application & LED

STC's sapphire, which is grown by VHGF method, has the best quality with the lowest dislocation density. Here are highest quality of sapphire products including phone cover, watch cover and sapphire window! Product size, like thickness and width, depends on customer

Teledyne e2v Asia Pacific Limited

Teledyne e2v Asia Pacific Limited     Booth #: 6C46 & 6C47

Product: SNAPPY 2MP CMOS Image Sensor

This innovative sensor is ideal for other applications aside of barcode scanning such as drones/UAVs, embedded imaging, IoT edge devices, intelligent surveillance cameras and Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality...

HGH Infrared Systems

HGH Infrared Systems     Booth #: 1113&1115

Product: New Generation of Electro-optical Testing Device

Improved ergonomics and a modern design; enhanced communication abilities with the blackbody - now at the core of the IR camera testing system ; never-seen-before accuracy and stability for years to come

Coset Inc.

Coset Inc.     Booth #: 2535

Product: 100Gbps LAN-WDM TOSA LR4

4 x 25Gbps LAN-WDM 100GBASE-LR4 Ethernet / Compatible to CFP4/QSFP28 Transceivers Up to 10 km / Low Insertion Loss Optical Filter Based MUX Integrated Quad LD Driver IC, DFB-LD’s, Monitor PD’s and I2C Controller / Controllable of DML Bias