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Winners of CIOE 20th Anniversary Lucky Draw

2018-08-25 11:31:03Source:CIOE

Winners of CIOE 20th Anniversary Lucky Draw


To celebrate CIOE’s 20th anniversary, we will hold Lucky Draw activities for all the pre-registrants who register before August 1. 

The winners had been drawn and here are the lucky ones. See if you win the prize:



1600.png5 Winners who win the Free CIOE 2018 Official Catalogue are:

WinnerPre-registration ID
Peggy Lee4226489323
GilmarRodrigues de Souza3436884992
Vivian Chen7303406037
Holger Stockfleth5659122670
Mario Neitscher 3370916642



conference-icon.png2 Winners who win Free Ticket of International Forums are:

WinnerPre-registration ID
Albert Chien9645687118
CabdiMoha 7625225735



th.png2 Winners who win 20th Anniversary Gala Dinner are:

WinnerPre-registration ID
Cedric Lam5129271213
Tingjun Xu1112550287


Hotel_icons-08-512.png10 Winners who win Free Lunch Coupon at CIOE 2018 are:

WinnerPre-registration ID
Albert Lu8425750962
Cheng Biao1103437107
Intel Corp9445469222
Perera Susith3351367691
Francis Wong9331748037
Mahdi Kakaei1064189601
Yossi Nachmani2304526291
Adi Kusma1449492301


Congratulations to all the winners and please claim your prize at 3k20 vistor service counter in Hall 3 during CIOE 2018

You will be contacted by CIOE organizing committee with your winning confirmation

For those who hasn't win, there's no need to be disappointed.

Register Now to CIOE 2018 and participate in more prize winning activities onsite.

** CIOE organizing committee reserves the rights for the final explanation of the activity **