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“It’s the Era of Application” - Greatest Resonances of Optoelectronic Professionals at CIOE 2018

2018-12-03 09:05:26Source:CIOE

Regarding the heating-up China–United States trade war, the optoelectronic circle had been relatively stable from the annual representative exhibition in Chinese International Optoelectronic Exposition (CIOE) which successfully end in this September in Shenzhen China. CIOE, known as one of the most important indicator of optoelectronic industry , have provided us the opportunities to get prospective insights on the communications of CIOE’s 68,310 professional visitors and 1,831 exhibitors that most of them think the next trend or the future trend would much likely on the applications but not the transitional manufacturing ability any more.


That is to say, the optoelectronic battleground changes to application. No national boarders, not effected by the trade war but only taking the high ground of application would make winner of the optoelectronic future.


As the Wind Direction of China’s optoelectronic industry, CIOE has witnessed 20 years’ development of the industry in China. From an interesting show to the industry respected exhibition gathering professionals and elites from 9 major application fields including Optical Communication, Information Processing & Storage, Advanced Manufacturing, Consumer Electronics, Semiconductor Manufacturing / Processing, Defense & Security, Sensing & Measurement, Energy, Medical, Lighting & Display. There were totally 68,310 of them from  79 countries and regions joining CIOE 2018 this September to look for latest products and technologies, to exchange technical and business communications and to share their insights about the future of optoelectronic industry together through series of product showcasing, product releasing and demo, conferences and seminars and networking activities at the exhibition. Click for CIOE 2018 Post Show Report

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“Manufacturing has no inspiring increase now under the background of trend war. The next wave must be application. Without the volume support of applications, not a single technology could stand itself out.” said CIOE 2018 visitor, Founding Partner of Fortune + Ventures. ”The most ideal application is for industry. The volume of industrial usage is huge. And of course we cannot ignore the volume of costumer electronics as well.  Attending CIOE is our pleasure every year for it includes the most comprehensive industries and we can see how the technologies turning into applications here across each industry and has a clearer look for the approaching trend. ”


Even though the future remains mist, but CIOE would show you flush of hope by presenting the entire optoelectronic ecosystem every September in Shenzhen China. CIOE 2018 Post Show Report is available now and CIOE 2019 will be held on September 4-7 in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center again.

The 21st edition, as known as CIOE 2019 will consist of 6 main sub-expos covering optical communications, precision optics, lasers, infrared applications, optoelectronic sensors and to the latest photonic innovations. It will continue providing the top-class one-stop platform to find new suppliers, new products, and market opportunities.


More about CIOE 2019 please kindly visit www.cioe.cn/en


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