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Insights of Futures Drives in Optical Components by Ovum - China Optoelectronic interviewed Ovum's Principal Analyst

2019-03-27 14:46:52Source:CIOE


Lisa Huff - Principal Analyst, Optical Components, Ovum.

  • Lisa Huff covers optical components in the telecommunications industry.  She has expertise not only in optical components, but also in data centers, networking equipment, and connectivity. Her focus is on optical components in communications and IoT applications.

  • Lisa joined Ovum in March 2018. She brings great industry expertise, with more than 30 years in communications, IT, and electronics industries. Lisa joined us from Discerning Analytics, where she was the owner and principal analyst. In addition, Lisa is a Certified Data Center Management Professional (CDCMP) and a degreed electrical engineer with experience in data centers, LAN, optical components, copper and fiber connectors, and cabling.

  • Lisa has authored more than 50 technical papers and market research reports. She is a successful project manager with proven revenue-generating abilities. She currently holds the prestigious and industry-shaping position of chair of the OFC Market Watch planning subcommittee.

The Inertview:

China Optoelectronics:  Hi Lisa. Thank you for your time for taking this interview. Your sharing of some Ovum insights towards market will absolutely beneficial to China Optoelectronic readers.


Lisa: Not a problem. It's Ovum's duty to provide objective and insightful data to the professionals who cares and now that Ovum and CIOE are under Informa, it's also our duty to provide the first-class information and valuable services to our customers.


China Optoelectronics:  Ture, So how's the first impression towards China or Shenzhen?


Lisa: Actually it's my first time here in China, and Shenzhen has more English signs than I imagined. The weather is a little bit dusty but generally it's fine.


China Optoelectronics:   If you can at summer, say early September, during CIOE show, the weather is just lovely. Great sunshine. Speaking of which, what types of opticalevents you regularly go to.


Lisa: Well, as the chair of OFC Market Watch planning subcommittee, I attend OFC a lot. Sometimes I am invited to give a presentation at ECOC in Europe. And sometimes NGON in Nice.


China Optoelectronics:  Well CIOE hosts seminar at OFC every year, and partner with ECOC in some resources as well. NGON belongs to Informa Knect365 so basically CIOE has connections to all important events.


Lisa: True, you do have a good reputation in China. Now that you are also under Informa brands, you have more international resources and will easily make you a better event.


China Optoelectronics:  We've been trying hard to connect all useful resources for our customers. It's the value as a platform would ultimately provided. So Lisa, can you introduce to our reader what's the main business opportunities will be in the coming 3-5 years?


Lisa: Well, in the U.S, I would say there will still be a huge increase in Data Center.


China Optoelectronics:  Why do you think about that?


Lisa: First of all, Ovum did spend some effort in collecting information to come up this insights. It shows that, the main drives in 3-5 years will continue to be the internet content providers (ICPs).


China Optoelectronics:  Well, you mean like Nelflix?


Lisa: At some point yes, I think so. But more importantly the drives are Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Facebook, for the reason of increasing cloud services.


China Optoelectronics:  Well currently what's your opinion on the advantages of China's and America's in optical components?


Lisa: Well I would say for 400G systems, the U.S is leading, but following by China. But regarding the PON, China no doubt has it's volume and leading the business.



China Optoelectronics:  Another very hot subject as you may get asked a lot is 5G.


Lisa: Yes.


China Optoelectronics:  We can hear right now all over the world the slogan says that 5G is here since 2017. However it's not really arrival judging today is already 2019. What's your comments about that.


Lisa: Well as you may know 5G is driving upgrades for mobile fronthaul and backhaul, which companies have been working on for several years. In the U.S, it starts working with the 10G right now while in China the Chinese carriers like the all three of them, China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom, especially China mobile is will be using 25G and then 100G working with Huawei.


China Optoelectronics:  Not so much updates though from the 5G experimental zones set up in Shenzhen last year from Huawei or from the operator. I know Ovum is working very closely with Huawei also,do you have something that can share?


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