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CIOE Connecting Scotland Optoelectornic Association - one of the best photonic cluster

2019-04-23 23:20:53Source:CIOE

The UK food may be a joke, but when comes to photonics business, the UK photonics companies and its culture are really impressive.

CIOE's trip in Scotland


CIOE known as the most influential optoelectronic event in the world has always spent its effort on international relationships. The CIOE organizing Committee recently has the honor and been invited to engage series of business activities in Scotland in earlier April under the hospitality of Scotland Optoelectronic Association (SOA) and European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC) for events like two-days factory tour, reception parties and EPIC’s annual gathering meeting.


Through such series events CIOE has rediscovered the power of photonics industry of UK, especially Scotland’s and has connected more business opportunities between European companies and Chinese market


CIOE visited Power Photonics, Holoxica, UniKLaser, Heila Photonics, Optocap, CST Global, Kelvin Nanotech, Coherent and Fraunhofer in Scotland.


Scottish photonics history and current status


Scotland has always enjoyed a pre-eminent position in photonics and optics, with a proud history that goes way back to James Gregory in the 17th Century (inventor of the modern reflecting telescope) and James Clark Maxwell who formulated the classical theory of electromagnetic radiation.


Scotland’s Modern optical industry was created the founding of Barr & Stroud in the late 19th century, and throughout the 20th century, Scotland’s prestigious universities became renowned for their ability to produce highly skilled optical and photonic engineers and scientists, providing the foundation of a new generation of photonics businesses.


This has created a cluster of innovative companies and internationally recognized academic centers that are developing ad manufacturing cutting edge technologies and products which are expected the world over.


Consistent with patterns seen across Europe, Scotland’s industry base is dominated by small and medium sized enterprises which make up over 75% of the commercial enterprises in the sector. However, the sector is bolstered by several large multinational organizations that have chosen to maintain a significant footprint in Scotland, attracted by the talent pool and supporting infrastructure available within the cluster.


Photonics sector is one of the most innovative and internationalized sectors in Scotland with a £1 billion revenues. 85% of the products are exporting to worldwide and over 4000+ talents are working in this sector now.



Scottish photonics current focus


The main focuses of Scottish photonics cluster are right ow at healthy livings, future mobility, clean growth, quantum technologies, communications and advanced manufacturing. Coincidently, it’s so closed to the application penetrating strategy of CIOE’s towards optoelectronic technologies.


Quantum Technology in Scottish


What’s impressive the most is that, Scottish companies, regardless of its size or not, has already started their journey in quantum technologies which is praised as the next generation world-changing technologies, driven by the endless possibilities that the technologies could bring to areas such as computing, communications and security. Although still in its commercial infancy, the applications for quantum technologies are broad.


Quantum imaging is expected to provide enhanced systems for scientific use within the next 5 years including microscopes and telescopes for defense applications.


Quantum sensors will allow the 3D mapping of dense materials.


Quantum technology plays an important role in future communications, particularly in the area of security through advanced quantum encryption.


Academia & Research to support


Photonics cluster in Scotland is supported by a number of universities where around 250 academics and researchers are working in the photonics field including optical communication, quantum technologies, biophotonics, sensing and imaging. Much of the research is internationally leading, evidenced by the fact that 25% of all UK research funding goes in Scotland’s photonics industry. University of Aberdeen, University of Dundee, University of Edinburgh, University of Glasgow, Heriot Watt University, University of St Andrews, University of Stratchclyde and University of the west of Scotland, etc.


Also the Scotland’s photonics sector is further supported by an enviable array of translational assets providing research capabilities such as AFRC, CENSIS, CATAPULT, Centre for Doctoral Training in Applied Photonics, CoB, SPSRC, Fraunhofer UK, Institute of Photonics, TFSI, JWNC, NPL, Quantic, SMC, and UK Astronomy Technology Centre.




CIOE invited to participte SOA's annual at Glasgow City Chamber

About Scotland Optoelectronic Association

Founded in 1994, SOA is a community for all photonics and photonics-enabled organizations in Scotland, aiming to raise the profile of the sector and to help grow this thriving cluster and drive innovation in photonics in Scotland. It is one of the oldest national photonics organizations in the world and remain one of the largest technology communities in Scotland.


The cooperation of SOA and CIOE

No doubt CIOE will spend its effort by connecting more and more Scottish photonic companies into its exhibition for technical exchange, product showcasing and business match-making. A Scottish delegation will be arrived at CIOE 2019 in Shenzhen to explore the future of the industry with China’s companies together. Some of them would give presentations in the forums and onsite activities. A Scotland Pavilion would possibility launched at CIOE 2020 as well to provide you a more direct international communication at one show visit.


If you don’t want to miss the networking opportunities with one of the top photonic cluster in the world, register now and join CIOE.


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Members of SOA: 

Adept Optical, Aesin, AFRC, Annequin Associates, Ansons consulting, ARCADIS, Arnold Clark, BRL,,ByteToken, Carplus, CCL, Censis, Centre for Doctoral Training in Applied Photonics, Ceres Holographics, Chromacity, Cisco, CIQUAL, CMS, CODECLAN, COHERENT, Compound Semiconductor Technologies, Commuterhive, Consult-nj, Cublc, D2D, Datavita, DesignLED, Digital Treetop, DUKOSI, ecci Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, Edinburgh Instruments, Ember, Enigma People Solutions, Enterprise Carclub, Ess Holdings, Fraunhofer.Uk, Fujitsu, George Hazel, Glasgow, Green Angel Syndicate, GSS, GUPTA Smart Energy, Helia Photonics, Helping go, HITACHI, HI TRANS, HiyaCar, Holoxica, Jacobs, J-TEQ EMS Solutions Ltd, Kelvin Nanotechnology, LeanIP, Leonardo, LI-FI Centre, Liftshare, Lorit Consultancy, M SQUARED, maas aus, Maas Global, MAGE, MEERY SCOTT, NEATEBOX, nestrans, Nevis Technologies, Nexus, Northlink, NXP, odos imaging, Optocap, optos, oracle, Parkgate Consultants, Peacock, PowerPhotonic, Proversa, PTV GROUP, Quantic, VE, Renishaw apply innovation, Routemonkey, Scintilla, Sestran, Shyft, Siemens, Simply Connect, Smart business solutions, Snook, Spectrogon, Spider Online, SPT, STAGECOACH GROUP, State of Matter Ltd, The super Driver, UK astronomy technology Centre, Stirling Council, SUPA Physics Scotland, Synaptec, Systolic product development, Tactran, Thales, Thin Film Solutions, Tomtom Maps, traak, Transport for Edinburgh, Trapeze, Traveline Scotland, TTC GROUP, UNIK LASERS, UNIVERSITY OF ABERDEEN, THE UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH, UNIVERSITY OF GLASGOW, University of St Andnews, Urban big data Centre, Urban Foresight, Vennle, VIX;



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