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Update on 2019-nCoV in China - Feb 9

2020-02-10 14:32:25Source:CIOE

Update on 2019-nCoV in China


We’d believed that as China one of your important trading country, you must already know the 2019-nCoV (novel corona virus) happened. It has now become the global attention on the outbreaking 2019-nCoV in late 2019 in China.

We are hoping to provide some objective facts and figures for your better reference to see how it goes now to avoid any unnecessary anxious and worries.


Latest developments in epidemic control – updated Feb 9th

Confirmed: 40,235                                   

Suspected: 23,589                                                  

Cured: 3,283

Source: National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China



Trends and Signs – Situation getting controlled


Two essential breakthroughs can be easily noticed:

·         Even though with more confirmed cases but suspected cases slow down on increasing (Chart 1)

·         More cured than killed since Feb 1st (Chart 2)


Chart 1


Chart 2


Besides, the team of World Health Organization (WHO)  is coming to China to help. What’s more important, the strain of the virus has been isolated in late Jan. That means effective vaccine will be available in around 3 months. From the very promising trends we appeal everyone who cares China No Panic, as WHO said.


In Optoelectronic We trusted -- Fighting the virus

China has built Huoshenshan Hospital in 10 days for a better deployment of the virus fighting, behind which lots of optoelectronics technologies to support: optical communications to empower the basic  communication, precision optics to enable the inspection and research into the virus, infrared technologies to realize the immediate detection of body temperature for a faster diagnose.

During the epidemic control periodic, Chinese now tend to buy daily supplier at home by internet. Steady internet become more important than usual, thanks to the steady date center and optical transmission network construction.

But the star of the period will be infrared temperature detector, will can enable touchless temperature detection at subways, railway station, airport and public environment to recognize those suspected cases at the early stage for an earlier cure treatment.  Some scenarios even gear up the Human Recognition + Portrait Recognition + Infrared/Visible Dual Sensing to assist the virus fighting.

AI Pharmacology Technologies and AI Genetic Technologies are also being devoting in virus research and vaccine research.


Again, optoelectronic makes significances to human life.

And it’s sure that the mentioned technologies will encounter another bloom in 2020 due to rigid demand.



It's essential to fight it together

On Feb 3, Director-General of World Health Organization (WHO)Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said China "take serious measures at the epicenter, at the source, which not only protected Chinese people, but also prevented the spread of the virus to other countries. Because of this strategy, if it weren't for China's efforts, the number of cases outside China would have been very much higher," he said.

"We are all in this together, and we can only stop it together," Tedros said.


Update on CIOE 2020


Will CIOE 2020 be postponed under current circumstances?

CIOE: At this moment we do not plan on any postponement and change of the date and location. So CIOE 2020 will continue as schedule on September 9-11,2020 at Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center.


Can I still apply my booth for CIOE 2020 now?

CIOE: Yes, of course. You are more than welcome to join us. There are 160,000 exhibition area for CIOE 2020 and at this moment we’ve 70% full. Please contact us to check if there still be favorable space for meeting up 80,000+ Chinese buyers in Shenzhen.


Will it be safe to visit CIOE 2020?

CIOE: We are optimistic from the virus fighting situation so far. Judging for the current breakthroughts and global supports, it’s estimated that it probably will takes 3-4 months back to normal and safe as we used to be. As CIOE 2020 is in September, we don’t see any reason to prevent you from further developing your business at CIOE.

CIOE registration will be open around April.

CIOE visitor invitation letter system will be also online at the same time.


As you may already know, CIOE organizing committee always believes that lots of things come in high priorities than business including your truth, health, security, etc. We hope by this article you’ll have a clearer picture of the virus fighting in China.


No such thing as endless rain and there will always be sunny again.