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Key Insights of Face Recognition - Financial Payment Innovation Summit

2021-04-12 11:42:41Source:CIOE

In recent years, the explosion of mobile Internet has accelerated the shift from "cash payment" to "electronic (mobile) payment", allowing people to live a cashless life. With the progress of sensor technology, the security authentication method of mobile payment has developed from password, fingerprint, to face recognition. Among them, 3D face recognition is favored by financial payment-related manufacturers and consumers for its advantages in security, ease of use and contactlessness. Currently, China has become the fastest growing country in the world in terms of 3D face payment technology and market, both in terms of demand group base, algorithm accuracy and security policy.


On April 9, 2021, the Face Recognition - Financial Payment Innovation Summit was held at the Jumeirah Himalaya Hotel in Shanghai, organized by CIOE. The summit invited more than ten leading companies from the supply chain of the 3D face recognition technologies, national standard-setting organization and authoritative testing organizations to share the latest progress of the face recognition. 600+ attendees were attracted to participate.




Here are some key insights from the presentations at this summit:


Li Shaoxin, Senior Researcher and Head of Face Recognition Technology, Tencent Youtu Lab: Trusted Identity Computing in Financial Payments


Li Shaoxin presented on "Trusted Identity Computing in Financial Payments". The speech started with the application of face recognition-the face core, in-depth explanation of the identification algorithm and live detection of trusted identity computing, and showed the full picture of the core technology of face payment. Mr. Li Shaoxin said that trusted identity computing based on biometrics is the core technology of face payment, and accuracy and security are its key indicators. In terms of accuracy, Tencent Youtu uses visible light (RGB), depth (Depth), infrared (IR) and other multi-modal information to improve recognition accuracy, and explores the use of cross-checking algorithms to improve security. In terms of security, Tencent Youtu conducts research from three directions: physical media, digital synthesis, and defense against attacks. Mr. Li Shaoxin introduced that Tencent Youtu has also begun to deploy multi-biological feature fusion solutions (such as face + palm print) in order to further enhance the ability of trusted identity computing. In the future, it hopes to promote the face payment industry with upstream and downstream partners to drive the development of the industry chain! At the end of the speech, Mr. Li Shaoxin also brought a " Easter egg ": he discussed with the attendees whether there is a limit to the accuracy of face recognition? If it does exist, how to achieve a zero misunderstanding financial payment solution?


CK Chua, Senior Marketing Manager, Ams: 3D application trends and core technologies


CK Chua introduced "3D Application Trends and Core Technologies" at the summit. At the beginning of the speech, CK Chua briefly introduced the company's situation after the acquisition of Osram by ams and its leading position in the field of optical sensing, and focused on its leading optical solution product portfolio, and he sorted out the mainstream core optical components and solutions. Then, CK Chua introduced ams' innovative application solutions in the field of sensing applications in the industrial field from the aspects of 3D identification, access control, industrial Internet of things and automation. In his speech, CK Chua explained in detail the differentiated design of 3D sensing by ams from three aspects: 3D components, sensing modules and solutions. CK Chua said that the derivative application scenarios of 3D face payment are very rich, such as item detection, crowd heat map management, automatic shelf inventory reminder, member recognition, etc., which can form a complete closed-loop business system management. At the end of the speech, CK Chua lamented that 3D sensing has become the mainstream technology to improve everyone's life!


Mr. Chen Ling, CEO, Mantis Vision: From "living body" to "face 3D feature recognition"——On the new generation of 3D sensing of Mantis Vision


Mr. Chen Ling, CEO of Mantis Vision, put forward three concerns about facial payment: application scenarios, technical aspects, and national policies. From the perspective of application scenarios: how to quickly and accurately locate the payer and deduct the payment from the billion-level face database in small amount of password-free payment?  From a technical perspective: "Does the face look like" does not mean "is it right face", and women's makeup can also cause greater interference. From a policy perspective, the requirements of various countries will become more and more standardized, and European and American countries will be more stringent. Mr. Chen Ling believes that 3D face recognition training data, high-precision and high-depth resolution 3D sensing, and efficient algorithms are the main factors affecting the development of 3D face recognition. He introduced Mantis Vision’s study on relevant global research that the further integration of 3D + artificial intelligence (AI) is the only way to promote a safer and more mature application of face payment technology. Not limited to living body recognition, Mantis Vision will provide a new, more mature and reliable solution for face payment from 3D-assisted 2D face recognition, to 3D + 2D algorithm, and a new generation of high-precision 3D sensor.


Cui Zhe, GM of Module Solutions Division, Dilusense: Sensing + AI, 3D full stack to improve payment security and experience’s technical analysis


At the beginning of his speech, Mr. Cui Zhe said that with the increasing popularity of face payment applications, consumers are concerned about security, experience, and privacy protection, and even trigger social hot events. After briefly introducing the company profile, Mr. Cui Zhe showed the current status of face payment: consumers recognize its convenience, but are very worried about its safety, so 3D vision is an excellent way to balance convenience and safety. Next, Mr. Cui Zhe focused on difficult issues such as precision and efficiency under tens of millions of libraries, complex lighting conditions and large-angle robustness, counter-sample targeted attacks, high-simulation head model anti-counterfeiting, identification of highly similar groups, and privacy data protection. It analyzes the key technologies of 3D vision in face payment from multiple angles. At the end of the speech, Mr. Cui Zhe combined the actual combat experience and comprehensively analyzed the 3D vision with people as the target, its intelligent framework and large-scale solutions.


Zhou Jialu, Marketing Director, Sunny Optical: Sunny Optical’s exploration on ToF application


Mr. Zhou Jialu briefly introduced the company's situation: Sunny Optical is a subsidiary of Sunny Group that focuses on smart optical solutions for non-vehicles and non-smart phones. It is actively expanding emerging markets such as face payment, smart door locks, sweeping robots, smart TVs, and AR/VR. Mr. Zhou Jialu said that the 3D ToF vision application completed the mass production of consumer-grade products as early as 2015, and successively completed mass delivery in the field of smartphones and sweepers; in the field of face payment, Sunny Optical’s various structured light, and ToF camera had passed the BCTC enhanced certification and provides "hardware + software" services. Mr. Zhou Jialu said: At present, Sunny Optical's production capacity can reach 5KK units per month, and it has extended capabilities such as embedded development, application algorithm and application (APP) development.


Tian Kehan, CEO, Yuguang Technology: From optics to systems, creating better 3D sensing


At the beginning of the speech, Mr. Tian Kehan expressed his expectation for the openness of the micro-nano optical component design and manufacturing to the overall ecological chain of the optical system with his own experience and insights. This is also the original intention of Yuguang Technology. Mr. Tian Kehan then introduced its core technology platform, which is also the development goal of Yuguang Technology. In his speech, Mr. Tian Kehan focused on the three 3D vision technology categories of structured light, binocular vision, and ToF, and discussed in depth the key role of various micro-nano optical components in 3D sensing applications, thus presenting the full picture of the optical system. At the end of the speech, Mr. Tian Kehan expressed his opinion that the design of micro-nano optical components is the core that determines the customization of the system. Therefore, Yuguang Technology can provide customers with differentiated and competitive optical products.


Panel discussion: Key technologies and development trends of the financial-grade 3D face payment industry


The afternoon session of the summit kicked off in a panel discussion meeting where ideas collided. The paneel invited Li Yuan, Director of Product Testing Business Department of National Financial Technology Evaluation Center, Chen Ling, CEO of Mantis Vision, Niu Feng, Product Line General Manager of Cloudwork, Cui Zhe, General Manager of Module Solutions Division,  Dilusense, and Zhou Jialu, Marketing Director of Sunny Optical to participate in the discussion.


The guests expressed their opinions on "China's financial-grade 3D face payment technology at the global level", "China's financial-grade 3D face payment industry chain status and development trend", and "new demand and development of COVID for the face payment market”. They expressed their opinions on issues such as the impact on the industrial chain and shared their understanding of the above issues and predictions on future trends on behalf of the companies. Everyone agreed that China's 3D face payment technology and market are already on the top of the world, and the future is full of opportunities!


Xu Feng, Deputy General Manager of Investment Promotion Department of Sino-Singapore Jiashan Modern Industrial Park: A smart sensor industry platform with 10,000 mu and 100 billion yuan -  Sino-Singapore Jiashan assists the development of the 3D sensor industry


Mr. Xu Feng first introduced the three business cards of Sino-Singapore Jiashan, and then analyzed the concept and development of Sino-Singapore Jiashan Modern Industrial Park. Mr. Xu Feng proudly stated that the Industrial Park is a smart sensor industry-focused park jointly developed and constructed by Sino-Singapore Group and Jiashan County Government. It is located in the core area of the Yangtze River Delta Ecological Green Integration Demonstration Zone, with superior geographical location and convenient transportation. Mr. Xu Feng focused on the development plan of the industrial park: the early stage of the industrial park focused on the development of the optical sensing industry including 3D sensing applications, and by introducing and cultivating excellent upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, and building a complete 3D sensing industry ecological chain for better settlement and development of enterprises.


Jin Xusheng, Senior Product Marketing Manager, OmniVision: The core of the development of face recognition technology-image sensor


Jin Xusheng focused on analyzing the technical reasons and advantages of using global shutter CMOS image sensors in 3D structured light solutions. OmniVision’s global exposure technology introduces near-infrared light sources, which can increase frame rate, reduce power consumption, and increase sensitivity, making it more suitable for 3D face payment applications. Mr. Jin deeply analyzed the new requirements for the structural design of CMOS image sensors in order to obtain higher photonics conversion efficiency after the introduction of the near-infrared light source. Later, he shared how OmniVision to meet the new requirements of facial payment applications from multiple technical perspectives such as CMOS image sensor structure design (front-illuminated, back-illuminated), dynamic range, and HDR.


Niu Feng, Product Line General Manager of Cloudwork: face authentication in multiple scenarios


Cloudwork aims to use artificial intelligence (AI) technology to empower various industries, and realizes the deep integration of AI and physical finance in the four major fields of finance, governance, travel, and commerce. Subsequently, Mr. Niu Feng analyzed the main face identity authentication technologies from three aspects: face information acquisition, living body judgment, and face comparison. In the analysis of the diverse scenes of face authentication, Mr. Feng Niu said that in the various combinations of equipment, space (indoor, outdoor) and distance, face recognition has great differences in the selection of sensors and algorithms.  Face recognition multi-scenario applications are facing many difficulties and challenges such as changes in light conditions, attack methods, improved user experience, and data security. Mr. Niu Feng, based on the accumulation of Cloudwork in this field for many years, discussed in detail his own thinking and technical solution route. At the end of the speech, Mr. Niu Feng shared with several sets of face authentication technology solutions of Cloudwork.


Ji Chao, Chief Engineer of Asia Pacific Sales Department, Lumentum: high-performance VCSEL escorts financial payments


Ji Chao said that the era of facial recognition and innovative financial payments has arrived. Among many recognition schemes, high-precision 3D sensing is widely used with higher security and more convenient non-contact recognition capabilities. Lumentum has accumulated profound experience in optical communications and other fields. Since 2010, it has entered the 3D sensing (smartphone, automobile, face payment, Internet of Things and other applications) business, and has now been in the world's absolute leading position. Mr. Ji Chao analyzed the requirements of different 3D vision solutions for VCSEL light sources, analyzed the differences in VCSEL structure design between Lumentum and competitors, the performance control method of Lumentum products, the actual on-chip uniformity test results, and the additional tests projects for face payment applications, etc., and said with a smile, "Lumentum's VCSEL products have maintained a record of zero customer complaints so far, my CQE (Customer Quality Engineer) colleagues are in very idle!" Finally, Mr. Ji Chao said that Lumentum has already done a good technical preparation for 3D face payment applications: addressable VCSEL can realize flexible lattice arrangement and zone control.


Liu Shuo, Senior Business Director, Artificial Intelligence Department, Institute of Cloud Computing and Big Data, China Academy of Information and Communication Technology: Create a credible paradigm for face applications and jointly protect face security


At the beginning of the speech, Mr. Liu Shuo said that the field of artificial intelligence (AI) is constantly developing. Face recognition is one of the most mature and industrialized technologies in the field of artificial intelligence. Faces are ubiquitous, but as they are gradually being applied in many aspects, various problems were exposed. At present, face technology can be simply divided into two categories: recognition and generation. Recognition technology mainly brings security problems. Generation technology often contains false information. Both types of technology have the risk of infringing on personal privacy. To this end, Mr. Liu Shuo suggested that it is urgent for everyone to work together to solve the problem of facial technology application for the nation, organizations, the public, enterprises and other multiple subjects participate in collaboration to create a credible facial recognition technology and application paradigm. A wide range of credible artificial intelligence is used as a reference. Finally, Mr. Liu Shuo introduced the "Trusted Face Application Guardian Program" initiated by the Institute of Cloud Computing and Big Data. Many well-known enterprises, government agencies and important associations in the industry have participated in it.


Li Yuan, Director of Product Testing Business Department of National Financial Technology Evaluation Center: Practicing face payment financial standards and building a new ecology of biometric detection


Li Yuan's speech focused on the analysis of face payment technology, related standards and detection. The display of the face recognition transaction process allows the audience to have a deeper understanding of the setting and testing of various technical standards. Later, Mr. Li Yuan explained in detail the three major items of face payment technology standard testing: live detection (test samples, test scenarios, result determination), terminal security (physical security, logical security, communication security, transaction security, and terminal technical requirements) and face recognition algorithm (evaluation index, performance pass standard). At the end of the speech, Mr. Li Yuan introduced the construction of the biometrics detection ecosystem, mainly analyzing the security risks and detection items of other biometrics such as fingerprints, iris, and voiceprints.



Facial recognition to realize financial payment still faces many challenges in technology, supervision, and security, but facial recognition is still the most promising biometric technology in the next few years. The face payment industry is bigger and stronger, and people can use it with peace of mind. It is inseparable from the open and cooperative mentality of enterprises in all links of the entire industry chain, upholding the original intention, following supervision, complying with regulations, and developing together!


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