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[Exhibitor] MACOM | New lasers released to support application in 5G

2021-04-23 14:36:46Source:CIOE

MACOM, a leading global provider of semiconductor solutions, recently announced its new CLEAR DIAMOND LASER ™ series of lasers, including a new generation of 25G and 50G high-speed lasers.

The CLEAR DIAMOND LASER™ series features MACOM's latest laser development and manufacturing technologies, including improved semiconductor process control and SingleRidge design, to improve optical performance and reliability while increasing the number of individual wafer lasers produced and reducing costs. The laser series continues to take advantage of MACOM's proprietary EtchedFacet Technology, and wafer-level automated testing is better suited for high-volume production to support high-volume applications, including 5G wireless transmission and cloud data center solutions.  

The CLEAR DIAMOND LASER™ series offers customers ease of use and design flexibility, as all lasers can be designed with the same IC layout regardless of application. This will allow customers to develop a unified design platform and assembly flow for different applications, resulting in shorter product design cycles and faster time to market.

The CLEAR DIAMOND LASER™ series offers both DFB and FP lasers with Indium Phosphide (InP) processes and wafer-level production test advantages, including wafer-level full-temperature testing, automated optical inspection (AOI), to improve production efficiency and quality control.

The CLEAR DIAMOND LASER™ series offers more than 50 wavelengths of DFB lasers ranging from 1270nm - 1370nm in a wide range of temperatures for a variety of applications including CWDM6, MWDM12, 50G PAM4, DWDM16, LWDM12, LR4, CWDM4 and BiDi 1270/1330nm. The product series offers a low-cost, highly reliable production platform capable of simultaneous high-volume production of multiple wavelength lasers.The DFB lasers can be used in both cooled and uncooled application scenarios and support optical transmission distances from a few hundred meters to over 10 kilometers.

The CLEAR DIAMOND LASER™ series also includes high-speed, direct-tuned 25Gbps 1310nm FP lasers, FP lasers TO-CAN supporting industrial grade applications from -40°C to +85°C, 5G fronthaul applications up to 2km, and low-cost 100GPSM4 data center application solutions.

MACOM offers all lasers of the CLEAR DIAMOND LASER™ series in chip and TO-CAN packages.

The CLEAR DIAMOND LASER™ series advantages

●  All products have the same physical structure and uniform manufacturing process

●  Over 50 wavelengths of DFB products covering 1270nm - 1370nm

●  Proven high-volume production capability and high reliability

●  Applications include short and long-range transmission

●  Supports industrial grade temperature (-40°C to +85°C), laser chips can support -40°C to +95°C temperature

●  Low cost wafer scale manufacturing and testing capability with proprietary EFT technology

●  Rich and flexible wavelength combinations to support the needs of multiplexed WDM modules

●  Same form factor for all rates and wavelengths, enabling customers to use a uniform laser assembly process

25G DFB Lasers for 5G Fronthaul CWDM6 Applications Test Performance

●  Zero-error transmission distance of up to 15Km

●  Eye pattern margin and extinction ratio performance exceed industry standard specifications

●  Supports high bandwidth performance of 25Gbps

●  Stable and reliable performance over industrial temperature range (-40°C to +85°C)


25G DFB lasers for 5G fronthaul CWDM6 applications test performance

25G DFB lasers for 5G fronthaul CWDM6 applications test performance

DFB Laser for 50G PAM4 Application Test Performance

●  Support high bandwidth with 26Gbaud performance

●  TDECQ results exceed industry standard specifications

●  Zero-error transmission up to 10km

●  Stable and reliable performance over industrial temperature range (-40°C to +85°C)

DFB laser for 50G PAM4

DFB laser for 50G PAM4

Receiver sensitivity of 50G PAM4

25G FP Lasers

●  25Gbps high bandwidth performance

●  Eye pattern margin and extinction ratio exceed industry standard specifications

●  Supports 1 Km and 2Km 5G forwarding applications

●  Stable and reliable performance over industrial temperature range (-40°C to +85°C)

25G FP Lasers

25G FP Lasers

MACOM's Other Chip Products for Optical Transceiver Module Solutions

The CLEAR DIAMOND LASER™ series can be used with the following MACOM chipsets to achieve better optical transceiver module solutions.

Macom‘s other chip products for optical transceiver module solutions

MACOM will exhibit at the 23rd China International Optoelectronic Expo on September 1-3, 2021 with its products in Hall 12, Booth 12B71. We sincerely invite you to visit, communicate and discuss business with them onsite.

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