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China Optical Communication High Quality Development Forum 2021

2021-05-17 17:23:13Source:CIOE

After the "5G/F5G Dual Gigabit Technology and Application Online Seminar", "Silicon Photonic Integration and Data Center Application Online Seminar" and "When AI Meets Light: Intelligent Optical Network Online Seminar ", the "China Optical Communication High-Quality Development Forum 2021", jointly organized by CIOE and C114, was held in Beijing on May 13.


China Optical Communication High Quality Development Forum 2021

In the past decade, China's optical communication industry has developed at a high speed due to the drive of the domestic telecom market and overseas digital communication market. In the future, with the outbreak of 5G and continued strong demand for cloud computing, the optical communication field will have greater opportunities.

Eric Yang, secretary general of China International Optoelectronic Expo, said in his speech that while the volume of the industry continues to grow, China's optical communication industry still faces the dilemma of being big but not strong, and it still takes time to expand upstream to the industry chain. Whether from the perspective of sustainable and healthy development of the industry, or from the perspective of independent and controllable and supply chain security, the optical communication industry needs to take the road of high-quality development.

China Optical Communication High Quality Development Forum 2021

55 years of development, optical communication will continue to benefit mankind

Since Dr. Charles Kao proposed the theory of fiber optic communication, fiber optic communication has been developed for 55 years and has become the world's most dominant information transmission technology. About 5 billion core kilometers of optical fiber have been laid worldwide, and more than 98% of the information is transmitted through fiber optic communication. Mao Qian, the full-time standing committee member of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Communications Science and Technology Committee and director of the Asia-Pacific Optical Communication Committee, pointed out that even the development of mobile communications, from 1G to 5G, and even the future 6G, are inseparable from fiber optic communications.

China Optical Communication High Quality Development Forum 2021

At the same time, since the beginning of 2020, China and even the world's fight for the epidemic, highlighting the importance of fiber optic communications. And will optical fiber be replaced by new tools? Mao Qian stressed, "Human beings cannot live without fiber optics, and in the future, fiber optic communication technology will continue to develop for the benefit of mankind."

Zhang Jie, executive dean of the School of Electronic Engineering at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, said that optical communication, after more than 50 years of development, is ushering in the best time for development, especially to the next-generation 5G network and the proposed development strategy of gigabit optical network, which will drive the future of optical network construction towards new development opportunities.

China Optical Communication High Quality Development Forum 2021

Zhang Jie further pointed out that the "double 5G" of 5G+F5G supports the construction of "double gigabit", which creates the integration of "connection + transmission" and promotes the all-round transformation of society towards digital transformation. Among the key technologies for F5G networks, resource scheduling and connection management are the two major issues to be solved. He pointed out that the future development of "dual-gigabit" networks faces four core challenges, including core chips, operating systems, network architecture and industrial ecology.

"Double Gigabit" is opening a new starting point for future development, double 5G future broadband network will focus more on improving the actual user network experience, while paying more attention to network personal information security, and will build an integrated "human, machine, object, spirit" network.

Operators on stage, detailing the evolution of optical communication trends

Zhang Chengliang, deputy general manager of China Telecom's Science and Technology Innovation Department, said that operators' demand for cost reduction, autonomous control and service innovation has become the starting point for the opening and decoupling of optical networks. China Telecom is working hard to realize the openness and decoupling of optical network, and has basically realized the open decoupling of access OTN equipment and Pizza Box.

China Optical Communication High Quality Development Forum 2021

According to Tang Xiongyan, chief scientist of China Unicom Research Institute, cloud-network convergence "calls" for a new generation of intelligent optical networks. In order to achieve the goal of "good cloud with good network, good network for good cloud, good network optimization cloud", China Unicom innovatively proposed to build an all-optical base architecture for quality business and cloud transformation, fully supporting the digital transformation of the industry and the development needs of new cloud business.

China Optical Communication High Quality Development Forum 2021

For users, "deterministic bearer" can realize all-optical access, hard pipe to enable quality home broadband, quality government and enterprise, quality wireless; "all-optical anchor" can create a stable all-optical base architecture to ensure smooth expansion of industry/network. For the cloud, "one hop into the cloud" enables the service optical layer to be selected into the cloud through the new intelligent service awareness protocol to guarantee service experience, and "cloud-optical integration" realizes network intelligent control to support cloud-network integration. In the future, China Unicom will work together with partners to build an all-optical base, promote cloud-optical services and empower digital transformation.

Zhang Dezhao, manager and director researcher of Transmission and Access Network Research Office, Institute of Network and IT Technology, China Academy of Mobile Communications, said that optical network traffic continues to grow rapidly, and there is an urgent need for a new generation of technical changes to solve the problem of mismatch between system capacity and service traffic growth. At the same time, along with the low latency, small particles, multi-service and other differentiated needs, the service attributes of optical networks need to be further enhanced.

China Optical Communication High Quality Development Forum 2021

Zhang Dezhao believes that for the demand of optical network capacity enhancement, single-carrier 400G and Optical Cross Connection (OXC) based optical hybrid network is the core of next-generation OTN network, key technologies and devices need to breakthrough to realize 400G long-range transmission and OXC high-capacity scheduling; for the demand of flexible network deployment and intelligent scheduling, cloud-network integration, optical hybrid and OSU control should be used as the grasp. Realize AI empowerment and continuously promote the evolution of SOTN technology intelligence.

In addition to the traditional three major operators,Internet vendors, cloud service vendors in the optical network capitalexpenditure, research and development also account for an important level. QuanHao, network engineer of Meituan, said that with the upgrade of networkarchitecture, some box switches in the network are replaced by box switches,and the number of optical modules has increased, how to manage the number ofsuch a large number of optical modules is an important issue. At present,Meituan has introduced functions including optical module informationcollection, optical module information monitoring, optical module informationoperation, etc., and subsequently plans to introduce AIOPS with optical moduleoperation and maintenance to achieve self-diagnosis and self-healing.

China Optical Communication High Quality Development Forum 2021

Technology Drives High Quality Development of Optical Communication

The continuous evolution and high-quality development of optical communications cannot be achieved without the support of the industry chain. As a leading manufacturer in the field of optical networks, Wang Jinhui, director of the marketing and operation department of the optical product line of Huawei Technologies, said that the current acceleration of the construction of gigabit optical networks has become a global consensus, gigabit optical networks have been widely used in home broadband, government enterprises, industry digital upgrading and other fields, gigabit optical network construction needs to speed up and improve quality as the goal, the upstream and downstream industries should work closely together to create an all-optical smart city.

China Optical Communication High Quality Development Forum 2021

For the future, gigabit optical network will continue to develop and evolve: fiber to the room (FTTR), whole house coverage, continue to create a better gigabit home wide experience; fiber to the desktop (FTTD), fiber instead of copper, through media upgrades to create an all-optical smart campus; fiber to the machine (FTTM), with long distance, passive, easy operation and maintenance of stable large bandwidth services, to help mines and other high security scenarios and accelerate the digitalization process of thousands of industries.

Liu Zhe, Chief Engineer of OTN product planning at ZTE Corporation, said optical networks are the infrastructure of the new 5G infrastructure, shouldering the mission of full connectivity, and are evolving to broadband and intelligence. Among them, government and enterprise business has become a new engine of revenue growth for operators, and optical network technologies such as OXC bring the ability of fast turn-up, high integration, and intelligent monitoring to create economical and intelligent open government and enterprise private lines. According to the introduction, ZTE has conducted more than 50 intelligent OTN network deployments in China.

China Optical Communication High Quality Development Forum 2021

Zhang Jinshuang, Business Development Director of Eoptolink pointed out that the rapid development of global 5G and data center construction, data center bandwidth continues to grow, network equipment data exchange capacity continues to improve, the key demand for data center optical modules in the "high speed, low cost, low power consumption, high density" four aspects. The key requirements for data center optical modules are "high speed, low cost, low power consumption and high density". Eoptolink continues to focus on the field of optical modules, and has been working in the field of high-performance optical modules, in the 100G to 400G, the products have the ability of large-scale delivery, while 100G has been commercialized, 400G has been deployed in the industry on a large scale, and will be released in June this year, the new product 800G optical modules.

China Optical Communication High Quality Development Forum 2021

 Zhang Hanzheng, Vice President of Shanghai Nokia Bell optical network business, said open optical network first focus on TCO cost savings; another benefit is that different network components can flexibly choose their respective technology upgrade route, technology iteration method, and will not be restricted to a particular component; in addition, for the end user, you can choose multiple suppliers. For optical network intelligence, it not only makes the network more responsive to complete complex tasks but also reduces operational costs, although the implementation of AI is not so much a technical challenge as it is a challenge to people, requiring a shift in thinking and skills. Visibility and control are the keys to making people feel more comfortable and to allowing machines to make the right decisions.

China Optical Communication High Quality Development Forum 2021

Qiu Wenyang, Senior PLM Director of NeoPhotonics said that 400G pluggable coherent modules, or pluggable coherent modules that bring together a 7nm process digital signal processor and 64G or higher baud rate optical devices, have become the focus of industry attention. XinfeiTong uses low-power 7nm DSP to develop CFP2 coherent modules based on InP platform and QSFP-DD and OSFP modules based on silicon optical platform to maximize the performance of the modules.

China Optical Communication High Quality Development Forum 2021


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