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Low-carbon industry structure transformation is inevitable in China

2022-05-17 17:25:17Source:CIOE


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According to the Economic Information, recently, the relevant departments are studying the preparation of "Industrial Internet + Double carbon" implementation plan to promote the industrial internetbig data5G and other new generation of information technology to enable Green Manufacturing. In the process of promoting the green development of industrial internet, operators also do their bit to help to achieve "Green Manufacturing".


Industrial Low-Carbon Transformation is Imperative

At present, 90% of China's carbon emissions come from coal. Among them, from the industry emission structure, the power industry, manufacturing industry, extractive industry, and transportation industry carbon emissions account for 91% of the entire national carbon emissions. China's "Carbon Neutrality" and "Emission Peak" will put forward higher requirements for low-carbon transformation in various industries and fields. It can be said that in the digital era, industry will develop in the direction of lower carbon, smarter, cleaner, and more convenient, and industrial low-carbon transformation is inevitable.


At the same time, government departments are also actively studying the preparation of the "Industrial Internet + Double Carbon" implementation plan. This move emphasizes that the Industrial Internet can improve the comprehensive operational efficiency of industrial enterprises through digital empowerment and will play a key role in achieving the "Double Carbon" goal.


Wu Hequan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said, "Industrial internet is not only necessary for high-quality development, but also for China to achieve Emission Peak and Carbon Neutrality needs, and is a breakthrough that China must take in the new era." It is not difficult to predict that the future "Industrial Internet + Double Carbon" will efficiently allocate technology, data and other factor resources.


Industrial Internet Will Play the "Golden Key"

Currently, China has announced to the world its timeline to achieve Emission Peak by 2030, and Carbon Neutrality by 2060. Industrial Internet is not only a gas pedal of industrial efficiency, but also plays an important role as a "Golden Key" in green and low-carbon development.


On the one hand, the industrial internet can make use of a new generation of information technology and carbon reduction technology to achieve a unified convergence of production data and carbon emissions data, adding to green production, especially with the support of the Internet of Things, so that data integration, to achieve the industrial energy "fine planning".


On the other hand, the Industrial Internet can support the full linkage of industrial manufacturing elements, the whole industrial chain and information by relying on 5G network. Industrial Internet can greatly improve production management efficiency, reduce resource consumption, become a new balance between productivity improvement and environmental friendliness, and promote carbon emission reduction to a new level.


5G Becomes An Important Grip for Green Manufacturing

Under the goal of achieving "Emission Peak" and "Carbon Neutrality", 5G will become an important grip for green manufacturing, and operators will also play an important role in it.

In Changde, China Telecom and Changde China Automotive New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd. are working together to build a telecom super factory, which will transform factory equipment with 5G, to realize full-scene collection of equipment data, to form a visualized operation and maintenance of production line equipment, to reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency.

In Changle, Kaibang Tech introduced Fujian Unicom's 5G technology to develop "5G+Industrial Internet" smart factory. Through 5G+MEC+Cloud+AI technology, Kaibang Tech realizes 5G+industrial internet multi-scene integration application in the factory and uses digital technology for industrial green transformation, which can save more than 10% of cost for the company every year.


It is believed that with 5G support overlapping with operator force, more application scenarios will be landed in the future and green manufacturing will become the future of manufacturing industry.

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