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China’s laser medical market size will exceed 30 billion by 2022

2022-05-17 18:15:19Source:CIOE

Laser Medical Showcase Zone will be set up at CIOE 2022, which will be held from 7-9 September at the Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Centre, to showcase the latest laser technology and products in the field of medical or beauty, to further promote the application of laser technology in these two application scenarios.

With people’s rising living standards, global aging and the prevalence of the face value economy, the need for beauty and anti-aging has become increasingly indispensable. The continuous release of consumer demand for beauty and medical treatments has contributed to the continuous growth. According to relevant reports, laser medical equipment, as an upstream product in the medical and beauty industry chain, will continue to benefit from the growth of the overall industry, with huge market space. With consumers' demand for safety and stability in medical and beauty projects, the development of laser medical devices is on the rise.

Laser Medical Device Market Scale

China's laser medical device market size will exceed 30 billion by 2022. China Medical Devices Industry Association previously said that most of the major hospitals in the country have now established laser medical centers and more than 80% of them have laser medical equipment. At the same time, many small and medium-sized hospitals have also established laser treatment rooms, and the demand for laser medical equipment in China’s domestic medical community has increased greatly.

The complete industry chain including Laser technology research, product development, laser parts production, has been formed in China and can cope with the demand of the huge market. From the perspective of the industry chain, the upstream of the industry chain of laser medical equipment is hardware suppliers and system service providers, with the laser medical equipment manufacturers with lasers as the core technology in the midstream, and various medical institutions, families and individuals in the downstream. At present, laser medical devices are most widely used in hospitals and private beauty hospitals. It’s foreseeable that with the development trend of laser equipment into much intelligence, miniaturization and environmental protection, it will also gradually spread to home treatment equipment in the future.

Lasers and laser processing equipment widely used in the medical and beauty fields

Laser - the most accurate ruler, the fastest knife. China's beauty laser has been maintaining an annual market growth rate of 20% since 2017 for three main reasons: First, medical beauty is now the third largest industry after the automotive and aviation industries; Besides, the capital market's favor for the emerging industry has introduced a large influx of capital; Third, the increasing level of consumption has prompted the household consumer-level laser beauty market to achieve year-on-year growth as well.

Laser manufacturers of for medical or beauty devices and equipment are competing for market share against the backdrop of an expanding sunrise industry, hoping to get a slice of the "pie". Today, the application of lasers in this filed is becoming more and more widespread.

Take medical lasers for example: handheld medical device requires lightweight. Laser design adapting standards are different from other applications. Picosecond lasers, femtosecond lasers, medical ultrafast lasers, semiconductor lasers, radio frequency lasers and other new lasers are loaded in various types of beauty instruments, common photorejuvenation, laser hair removal, fractional laser and other medical beauty projects.

Laser application in medical

In the clinical aspect, laser technology is commonly used in the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases such as ophthalmology and dermatology, and the combination with catheters and endoscopes has also become closer and started to penetrate into the cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and tumor early diagnosis.

In addition to this, various processing equipment such as laser welding machines, cutting machines, CNC turret punching machines and CNC systems, auxiliary equipment, etc. also play an important role in the production process of medical devices.

Although China's laser medical equipment market is still subject to foreign technology, but the trend of domestical laser being adapted more and more is becoming obvious. It is foreseeable that more products will enter the market in the future, bringing more new industry opportunities.

Medical Laser Representative Companies

On the race track of medical laser, there are racers like Miracle Laser, Bestview Laser, MilMed Tech, King Laser, Ligenesis who focus on photonics medical product development. In recent years, old laser companies such as UW Laser, Raycus, Inno Laser, Focuslight, Access Laser have also started to accelerate the layout of the medical market.

The beauty industry continues its rapid development in the post-COVID industry, both in the new applications of laser technology in the medical beauty industry, and the new development of various types of medical device equipment. Market demand gradually emerges, and the application prospects continue to seem promising, it is believed that soon a wave of high-speed development will usher in.

CIOE 2022 – Lasers Technology & Intelligent Manufacturing Expo is one exhibition focusing on laser technology in manufacturing, especially in fine processing field. It will gather 300+ leading laser brands to showcase the new products and technologies in lasers, laser equipment, laser materials, laser optical components and device. A brand-new Laser Medical Showcase Zone will be set up for further exploring the laser application in medical and beauty.  This event will help you to get a closer exploration into China’s market information, topnotch laser products and technologies.

Laser treatment equipment, laser beauty equipment, laser health care therapy instruments and equipment, lasers, laser chips, laser components and components.

  • Showcasing key products from the entire the industry chain.

  • Visitors from 83 countries and regions to participate, including decision makers from medical, beauty and other application areas.

  • Series of conference and forum to gather top industry experts, covering technology trends interpretation, industry seminars, application solutions.

  • Online and offline multi-channel coverage for constant industry engagement.

  • VIP buyer program to further explore business match-making opportunities. 

2022 Laser Medical Showcase Zone exhibiting companies (listed in no particular order)

Aier Eye Hospital

Shenzhen Pengcheng Hospital

Shenzhen Pengai Medical Aesthetic Hospital

Shenzhen Yestar Hospital

My Like Medical Aesthetic Hospital

C-Mer Dennis Lam Eye Hospital

Beijing Health








Miracle Laser Systems, Inc. 

Nanjing Bestview Laser S&T Co., Ltd.

Focuslight Technologies Inc.






Changshu Desheng Photoelectricity Co.,Ltd.

Beijing ZK Laser Co.,Ltd.

Suzhou Haobro Medical Device Co., Ltd


Alma Lasers



Erchonia Corporation

Wuhan Bojian Electronic Co., Ltd.

Nlight Laser (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Candela Medical


Yage Laser

Beijing Kiers Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

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