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AR/VR ecological industry forum will be held in September with CIOE

2022-05-24 17:38:09Source:CIOE

Recently, AR empowered the "Winter Olympics of Science and Technology" and created the Olympic black tech in the concluded Beijing Winter Olympics. AR technology is widely used in training preparation, event service, event viewing and event promotion. For example, the AR snowflakes falling at the opening ceremony; the AR virtual iceberg in the studio of the Winter Olympics; the intelligent AR navigation of Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Village and the AR virtual human Meet Gu out of Chinese Winter Olympic athlete Gu Ailing etc. As deepens the market's understanding of the metaverse, AR and VR have received widespread attention as the core technologies.

Industry chain of VR/AR and smart phone are generally similar. Including hardware, software, content production and distribution, application and service four parts. The main difference is that smart phone targeting individual consumers, VR/AR also penetrate into all other industries, so it’s relatively complex. From the upstream of the industry, optics and display are currently the core hardware of VR and AR.

Optical materials processed into a variety of spherical, aspherical, flat, special-shaped lenses, prisms, mirrors, filters, grating and other optical components that play the role of reflection, imaging, spectroscopy, filtering, propagation and other functions are the basis for imaging and image transmission. Optical lenses and modules are the core of imaging and image transmission. According to the data, the size of China's optical components market has increased from 53.2 billion yuan in 2017 to 140 billion yuan in 2020, with an average CAGR of 38.06%. The market size is expected to reach 266.8 billion yuan in 2022.

CIOE Precision Optics Expo & Camera Expo will be held in September 7-9, 2022 at Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center. "VR/AR Ecological Industry Forum", focusing on VR/AR upstream hardware, such as chips, displays, optics, acoustics, sensors, etc., also on VR/AR applications in consumer electronics, intelligent manufacturing, robotics, drones, medical etc.

·AR/VR display module: near-eye display system, ultra-short throw projection system, ultra-thin VR optical module, etc

·VR/AR optical core devices: VR Fresnel lens, AR prism, AR array optical waveguide, diffracted optical waveguide, guide hole array waveguide, AR freeform prism scheme, etc

·Terminal hardware: AR all-in-one machine, AR split machine, VR all-in-one machine, PC VR, VR split machine, AR smart wearable, etc.;

·Supporting equipment: micro and nano imprinting equipment and technology, nano imprinting technology;

·Optical design and algorithm: AR optical design, AI core algorithm

List of key (will be) exhibitors,(listed in no particular order)

Insta360; GH Optics; GuangDuo Nano; Crystal-Optech; AAC Optics; Ofilm; USTopt; ShouJing Sc.&Tech; Goolton; Greatar; Helixon; Germanlitho; AMTE; Corning; Toplite optics;  Lochn Optics; Journey Technology; Epson; Winner Optical; Europtics; Fran optics; Raypaitech; Materion; GermanTech; Prinano; Huynew Tech.

Some of our advanced buyers with accurate and high quaility of purchasing power.

Consumer Electronics/Entertainment: Huawei, Meizu, Apple, Xiaomi, Nubia, Transsion, Little Swan, KONKA, Hisense, Midea, Haier, Ecovacs, Roborock, iRobot, Narwal, Philips, ZHIYI, VIOMI, TCL etc.

Service Robots/Drones: DJI, AIBird, XAG, SMD UVA, Ubtrobot, Yijiaherobot etc.

Intelligent manufacturing: Topstar, Gree Intelligence, Mingseal Robot, VisionNav Robotics, BAIC Research Institute, Dobot etc.

Biomedical: Kailide, Mindray, Kaili, BGI, Siemens (China), Haoke, Weili Medical, Zhongkekang, GM, Olympus, Hanrui Medical, Bangjian, Besman, Omron, Carestream (Shanghai), Fuji, Agfa, Hologene, Heyi etc.

Exhibition and Summit define the CIOE

During the same period, CIOE will hold a series of conferences with industry media, associations and other VR/AR professional institutions, such as  [The Third 5G, AR Technology Application Summit Forum], [AR/VR Optical Application Summit Forum], [AR Display and Environmental Sensing Application in Smart Cities] etc.

Top industry leaders gather to discuss the interpretation of technology trends, industry seminars, application solutions, etc., to create an industrial innovation vane. During the exhibition, the one-on-one procurement matchmaking meeting was held, digging deep into the requirements of high-quality buyers with procurement intentions and recommending/matching to exhibitors for procurement docking. The exhibition not only serves the 3-day exhibition display, but also realizes multi-channel integrated marketing throughout the year. Through uninterrupted online activities, offline brand promotion and technical exchanges etc., in order to enhance the downstream application of VR/AR.

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