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Advantage and Application of Direct Diode Laser

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Semiconductor lasers as a pump source for fiber lasers, is the key to improve the performance and power of lasers and laser equipment. And semiconductor lasers have different advantages from fiber lasers.

Advantage and Application of Direct Diode Laser

Semiconductor laser is a semiconductor material based electro-optical conversion component (system), can emit a good monochromatic, high directional and high bright laser beam. Because of its high electro-optical conversion efficiency, wide wavelength range, small size, long lifespan and other advantages. It can be used as a high-efficiency pump source of all-solid-state laser and fiber laser, also as a direct high-power light source used in material processing, etc. Due to direct laser output, no conversion component is required. But reducing energy loss, high efficiency, small size and low cost compared to fiber lasers. This article introduces the wide applications of direct semiconductor laser systems in plastic welding, tin welding, metal heat transfer welding, cleaning, cutting, quenching, and cladding.

First of all, direct semiconductor lasers and fiber lasers are essentially different, the essential difference is this part of fiber output. Direct semiconductor is directly using the semiconductor to control pump source, the combined beam can be directly processed as a light source, so its structure is simpler, easier to control, more efficient output. Direct semiconductor laser photoelectric conversion efficiency is higher than the fiber laser. The development trend of direct semiconductor lasers: high power, low cost, high brightness, specific wavelength. Direct semiconductor has higher photoelectric conversion efficiency, unlike fiber conversion, direct semiconductor is the light source, directly converted from electricity to light, but fiber lasers has to convert from light to light. This means that direct semiconductor lasers are more energy efficient. The direction of direct semiconductor laser development is mainly in the field of welding, surface treatment, special thin plate cutting can make the cutting surface more smooth; followed by the cost.

Direct semiconductor is used in the fields of laser tin welding, laser transmission, plastic welding, metal pipe welding, laser remanufacturing, laser cleaning and so on. Laser tin welding mainly develops with miniaturization of 3C electronic products, traditionally using soldering iron to weld on the circuit board, but more and more manufacturers began to choose laser to do tin welding, and considering laser can be automated.

Let's take a look at these practical application:

First one, plastic welding. Currently, welding more than two kinds of plastics are popular, which we use direct semiconductor can produce some specific wavelength of light, such as 1710, light of this wavelength can directly weld two kinds of transparent materials. There’s a big prospect on the application field of medical, with its outstanding advantages, non-contact, good welding quality, high precision, easy to achieve automated production, there is no strict sense of the size of the welded parts.

Second, car light’s welding. Laser welding are applied much in car lights, such as FAW, Geely, usually with foreign equipment. But in fact it is possible to use domestic semiconductor. The laser brazing is mainly used in the car roof, side surrounds and drop tank welding, brazing is mainly to heat up and becomes a liquid form, it will fill into the weld joint. The main advantage of semiconductor laser processing is that the molten pool is very stable, because the flat top light brings uniformity of energy, and the weld joint will look nice.

Third, the curing of the glue. Laser glue curing, which is also a technical application of semiconductor lasers, a specific laser glue coated on, through the clamping distance to ensure that it is clamped at the same time, only need laser light on the top to get a good effect of welding. Its advantages are super sticky, super waterproof, and it is contactless with laser, so it can make the edge part of the glue very narrow. At present, it is widely applied in the fields of smart phones, tablet PCs and handheld 3C products.

Fourth, thin metal plate welding. No more than 0.5 thick metal welding, using fiber welding facing some problems, if the energy control is not very good, it will directly weld through the metal plate. Welding will use metal powder, using direct semiconductor reduces metal powder absorption; besides, the heat lessly affects its power, so the loss of the workpiece is slight. This is a comparison of fiber laser and semiconductor laser welding features.

Fifth, laser quenching. Substantially improve the rigidity, hardness and abrasive resistance of the metal. This is several product series, hundred watt level for tin welding, plastic welding; medium power for some thin plate metal welding; high power for the melting and surface quenching. Direct semiconductor laser, because it is directly converted from light to electricity, as a light source processing, so its photoelectric conversion efficiency can reach up to 56%, the corresponding speed is also very fast. This is its advantages in terms of energy saving and environmental protection advocated by the state.

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