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Automotive display market was driving by the fast growing of NEV

2022-07-13 15:24:58Source:CIOE

As cars become more intelligent, the huge demand for infotainment systems and navigation systems for smart electric vehicles is driving the rapid development of the automotive display market. Due to the richness of features and the growing number of electric vehicles, cars need more and more types of displays and sizes.


At the same time, consumers have more demand for the resolution of the automotive display: the low-resolution display can't meet the current consumer's requirements. The automotive display developing in the direction of higher resolution, and the contrast, field of view, optical indicators, response speed and special shape etc, will put forward higher requirements. This also enhances the power to introduce Mini LED backlit displays.

Mini LED backlit technology is divided into two routes: POB and COB. According to the industry's understanding, the reliability of phosphors will have a breakthrough this year, is expected to pass the vehicle regulation verification, so the experts said Research expects that the current active layout of Mini LED backlit development enterprises, such as Dongshan Precision, may choose POB and COB two technical routes parallel strategy, with a comprehensive layout, to promote the application of Mini LED backlight technology in the automotive display.

Compared with the competition that Mini LED backlit in the TV, NB and Tablet markets has encountered in the car display market, high-end display technology. Due to the stability, life and brightness of OLED, it is much more difficult to enter the automotive display in the short term than the Mini LED backlit. Therefore, mini LED backlit is applied to automotive displays, which has obvious advantages over OLED.

According to survey, global automotive display shipments reached 127 million pieces in 2020 and grew to 140 million pieces in 2021. As the cost of automotive displays continues to decline, global automotive displays will maintain strong growth in the next few years, which is expected to reach 207 million pieces by 2025. Automotive displays are not only growing in monolithic area, but also in the number of uses, and the speed of import will be accelerated.

Among them, Mini LED backlit automotive products, due to the problem of in-vehicle certification cycle, there were no actual shipments in the past 2020 and 2021. According to the cycle estimate of vehicle regulation verification, from the end of 2022 to the beginning of 2023, it will be the shipment time point of the Mini LED backlit car screen. The packaging head company Dongshan Precision believes that when the penetration rate of Mini LED reaches 10%, it will bring significant pulling effects to the industry, and it will take 2 to 3 years to achieve this penetration rate.

Due to the long time for vehicle specification verification, the supply chain has begun to actively layout before the Mini backlit products were shipped. Taking the packaging head manufacturer Dongshan Precision as an example, Dongshan Precision actively lays out in the field of Mini LED vehicles, according to experts, Research understands that at present, Dongshan Precision Group has entered the supply chain of major electric vehicle players such as Tesla, Weilai, Xiaopeng and Ideal. Experts said research believes that the linkage between Dongshan Precision and key tram factories, the benefits brought by the industry are two-way: on the one hand, Tesla, Weilai, Xiaopeng, Ideal and other car factories' products focus on high-tech concepts, push the Introduction of Mini LED backlit technology actively, help to promote the demand for Mini LED backlit, on the other hand, Dongshan Precision as a packaging leader, starting with backlit technology, has a deep technical accumulation and genetic heritage, the future Dongshan Precision will be rich in product solutions, Industry-leading production capacity, as well as deep insight into the industry, with the advantages of the Group's entry into the supply chain of the head tram factory, while providing high-tech solutions for automaker customers, further promote the development of the Mini LED backlit industry.

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