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CIOE 2022 Whitelist Declaration

2022-11-21 16:57:54Source:CIOE

China International Optoelectronic Exposition will be held at Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center from December 7 to 9. Following the Shenzhen epidemic prevention and control policies, CIOE 2022 will implement Whitelist Declaration System. All participants should submit application in advance and only those who passed the whitelist can enter the venue. Please note that the application result can also be checked in the same system.

Application & Inquiry of Whitelist Declaration

Please click the URL to start the application or check the result.


Or scan the following QR code.

Whitelist Declaration


1) Those who have not applied for the whitelist in advance or failed to pass the whitelist cannot enter the venue.

2) Please submit the application with ID number, real name and phone number. All information must be authentic and consistent. Overseas visitors and Hongkong/Macao/Taiwan visitors can submit the certificate number of resident identity card or passport. And don’t forget to bring your original certificate onsite.

3) The epidemic prevention department will deliver the declaration result. The deadline of submitting the application is before 3pm November 30th, 2022. Please make sure to submit the application as soon as possible.

4) Once you passed the Whitelist declaration, please check the result before entering the venue because the Whitelist is dynamically updated.

Entrance Process Diagram


Epidemic Prevention Policies:

Once the Whitelist declaration is approved, you also need to follow the Shenzhen government’s basic epidemic prevention policies as below

1) Visitors who are not from Shenzhen and have travel record over past 7 days required PCR test per day for THREE days can enter the venue, including negative PCR test reports of the first two days outside Shenzhen and a 24-hour negative PCR test report in Shenzhen. (Check the Yuekang code)

2) Visitors at Shenzhen are required 7 days’ local record with a 24-hour negative PCR test report to enter the venue. (Check the Yuekang code)

* PCR testing points are set up at the venue to provide free tests onsite.


Q1: What is Whitelist Declaration System?

Whitelist Declaration System is specially set up for exposition by government’s epidemic prevention department, which also became one of the essential conditions to participate the exposition.

Q2: Who need to submit the Whitelist declaration?

All exhibition participants including exhibitors, visitors, partners, staffs, contractors, etc. need to pass the Whitelist declaration to enter the venue.

Q3: How to submit the Whitelist declaration?

You can scan the following QR code or click the Whitelist Declaration System link via CIOE official WeChat, WeChat Mini Programs, or official website to submit declaration or check the application result.

Whitelist declaration

Q4: When can we check the declaration result?

Due to the large number of declarations, the relevant departments need some time to review, the deadline for the first batch of audit submissions is November 30, 2022, at 15:00. To facilitate the arrangement of travel, please complete the declaration before this deadline.

You can use the declaration link to check the result after the deadline of the application.

Also, we suggest you check the result by the day you enter the venue due to the dynamic epidemic changes.


Q5: Do we have to follow the other Shenzhen epidemic prevention policies after the Whitelist is passed?

All visitors to Shenzhen need to follow the Shenzhen travel policies due to the dynamic changes of the epidemic. Please pay attention to the epidemic updates, you can click the link below or scan the QR code to collect the latest policies.


Epidemic prevention policies

If you have not registered as a visitor, you can scan the QR code below to register in advance and print the visitor badge without queuing after entering the venue.