2021 Key Exhibitors

Shenzhen 3 Beam Coating Company

Exhibition Area:Precision Optics, Lens & Camera Module Expo


Booth No:3C55

Main product

1.SWOS series magnetron sputtering optical coating machine 2.SMS series enhanced ionization magnetron sputtering hard decorative coating machine 3.SPC Series Coating Machine for Preparation of PARYLENE Nanometer Coatings 4.Series Electron beam evaporation precision optical coating machine

Company Profile

The company Engaged in optical coating technology development, OEM and equipment manufacturing. "Three Beams" in the company name is the general name of electron beam, ion beam, laser beam, meaning modern high technology. Develop basic technology and cooperate with universities and research institutes to lay the foundation for the future development of the company.Participate in the development from functional mobile phone to smart phone and then to 5G, obtain the recognition of mobile terminal and major customers with unique solutions

Exhibit Product