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  • Infrared Applications Expo

The global infrared market continues to grow out of expectation duet to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic. Huge demand of infrared applications were required for installing temperature measuring equipment in public places such as airports, railway stations, subways, shopping malls, schools, and hospitals. In a similar way and for the sake of hygiene, the market of UV technology, THz monitoring and imaging, hyperspectral & remote technology, millimeter wave technology have all increased in China.

CIOE 2021 – Infrared Applications Expo will be held again at Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center on September 1 to 3. It’s the must-attend trade platform by industry players and the annual choice of global leading infrared players such as HIKVISION, Thorlabs, Thales, LYNRED, Dali, SAT, JIR, GUIDE Infrared, Newport, IRAY to showcase their latest products and applications for buyers from defense and security, consumer electronics, medical and energy.

Join the Tier 1 suppliers to present your topnotch products and technologies to China’s infrared users. Contact us and reserve your booth at this marvelous event in advance.

  • Key Products

  • Infrared Material and Component

    Infrared Lens, Infrared Material, Infrared Crystal, Infrared Optical Coating, Infrared Window Material, Metal, Smoke Sensor, Focal Plane Material and other Material; Infrared Fencing, Infrared Radial, Infrared Laser, Optical Infrared Sensor and Low-Light Sensor, Infrared Photodiode, Photomultiplier Tube, Pyroelectric Detector, Semiconductor Detector, Thermal Detector, Detector Matrix, etc.

  • Infrared Equipment and Application

    Thermal Infrared Imager, Infrared Detector, Infrared Temperature Measurement, Infrared Night Vision Devices, Infrared Smart Speed Dome, Infrared Camera, Infrared Lamp, Infrared Heating Oven, Infrared Viewer, Infrared Remote Sensing, Infrared Distance Measurement, Infrared Communication Product, Vision System, Image Processor, X-ray and Detecting Equipment, CCD/CID Equipment, CCD/CID Camera, CMOS Camera, Motion Analysis Camera, Infrared Camera, High-speed Plasma Scanning Camera, Imaging System, Frame Grabber, Image Processor, etc.

  • THz Monitoring and Imaging

    THz Source and Metamaterial, Thz Transmitter and Detector, THz spectrometer, THz Imaging System.

  • UV Technology

    UV Material, UV Light Source, UV Device and Test Instrument, UV Imaging System.

  • Hyperspectral & Remote Technology

    Hyperspectral & Remote Technology

  • Millimeter Wave Technology and Application

    Millimeter Wave Technology and Application

  • Key Exhibitors

  • CIOE 2020 Visitor Analysis

Visitor:89,294    Attendance:145,024     No. of Visitor Group:572


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CIOE 2021

9.1-9.3 (Wed-Fri)09:00-17:00

Venue: Shenzhen World Exhibition
& Convention Center

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