• Precision Optics, Lens & Camera Module Expo

CIOE - Precision Optics Lens & Camera Module Expo attracts more than 800 leading optics companies around the world with a total exhibition area of 40,000 m². Exhibit profile covers optical components and materials, machine vision, imaging measurement, optical processing equipment, optical coating technology and equipment, and optical lens and assembly. The event is the only professional exhibition for precision optics in China.

Known as the “weather vane” of optics industry development, Precision Optics Lens & Camera Module Expo draws the attention of Asian’s optics industry to collect information, source new products and find new suppliers to supplement their business circles. With concurrent CIOE – Infrared Application Expo, many optics companies could also approach their customers in IR cameras, security cameras at the same time. This expo will continue to provide exhibitors and visitors with quality service and dedicate to the precision optics industry development.

The global demand of China’s precision optics keep steadily increasing. Precision optics technologies apply to more than just camera but wider range of applications such as mobile phones, industrial cameras, security cameras, vehicle-mounted cameras.

  • Key Products

  • Optical Materials

    Optical Glass, Sapphire Materials, Quartz Materials, Optical Film, Grinding Materials, Coating Materials, Optical Filters, Optical Splitters, Spherical & Aspheric Lenses, Prism, Cylindrical Lens, Reflector, Optical Windows, Focus Lamp, Half Reflecting Mirror, Beam Expanders, etc.

  • Optical Components

    Spherical and Aspherical lenses, prisms, Cylindrical Mirrors, Reflecting Mirrors, Plane windows, Focusing Mirrors, Full-falf Mirrors, Beam expanders, Filters, Beam-splitters.

  • Optical Imaging Measurement

    Microscopes, Industrial Cameras, Projectors, Measuring Instruments, Optical Tables, Displacement Tables, Laser Interferometers, Spectrum Instruments, Surface Visual Inspection System, Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) System, Non-contact Displacement Measurement System, Tri-ordinate Measuring Machine, 3D Stereo Microscopic Imaging Device, Telescopes, Astronomical Observation Instrument, Bird-watching Scopes, Stands and other Optical Applications, etc.

  • Optical Lens & Camera Module

    Industrial Vision Cameras, Vehicular Cameras, Security Cameras, Zooming Cameras, Industrial Camera Lens, Telecentric Lens, Various Camera and Lens; Camera Modules and Lens for Cellphone, Laptop, Tablet Computer, Vehicles, etc. Lens Assembly and Detection Equipment, Lens Testing Instrument, Design Elements, Lens Accessories, Lens Production and Processing, Lens Coating, etc.

  • Optical Coating Technology & Equipment

    Various Vacuum Coating Machine, Vacuum Valve and Vacuum Components, Vacuum Accessories, Vacuum Pump and Components, Vacuum Plating Equipment, Vacuum Freeze-drying Equipment, Packer Elements, Target Material, Fixture for Coating , Power, Factory Automation Cleaning Equipment, etc.

  • Optical Processing Equipment

    Various Cold working, Aspherical Surface Processing Devices, Single and Double-sided Grinding and Polishing Machine, Lens-Mounding Machines, Electroforming Apparatus, Mouldfor Optical Processing, Grinding Wheels, Diamond Turning Machines, Cutting Machine, Dicing Saw, Crystal Growth Equipment, etc.

  • Machine Vision & Industrial Application: Smart Camera and Accessories

    Board Card, Industrial Camera, Light source, Subsidiary, Image Processing System, Machine Vision Integration.

  • Sapphire and Touch Screen Manufacturing

    Sapphire Materials, Sapphire Growth Equipment, Sapphire Processing and Surface Finishing Equipment, Touch Screen Components and Modules, Touch Screen Materials and Consumables, Touch Screen Manufacturing Equipment, etc.

  • Key Exhibitors

  • CIOE 2018 Visitor Analysis

Visitor:68,310    Attendance:129,089     No. of Visitor Group:396

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