• Precision Optics, Lens & Camera Module Expo

Due to the significant demands of lens and camera driven by ADAS, smart phone, drones and AR/VR, precision optics products are developing into a new level more adaptive to the new standards and criteria for the booming applications. China now accounts for more than 30% of world’s demand for lens and camera, and it will keep increasing.

CIOE 2022 – Precision Optics, Lens & Camera Module Expo as the most influential exhibition in Asia attracts 900+ leading companies around the world to present the entire optics supply chain including optical lens, camera module, optical materials, components, optical imaging measurement & optical equipment, machine vision system, AR&VR. Famous players include Phenix, Yutong, Giai, Trioptics, ASM, Evatec, Ametek, CARL ZEISS, Hitronics will present at CIOE and provide the industrial first-class products and technologies.

Join us and get your free admission at CIOE 2022 - Precision Optics, Lens & Camera Module Expo to start your optical sourcing journey on September 7 to 9, 2022 Shenzhen.

  • Key Products

  • Optical Material

    Optical Glass, Sapphire Material, Quartz Material, Optical Film, Grinding Material, Coating Material, Optical Filters, Optical Splitters, Spherical & Aspheric Lens, Prism, Cylindrical Lens, Reflector, Optical Windows, Focus Lamp, Half Reflecting Mirror, Beam Expanders, etc.

  • Optical Components

    Spherical and Aspherical Lens, Prism, Cylindrical Mirror, Reflecting Mirror, Plane Windows, Focusing Mirror, Full-falf Mirror, Beam Expander, Filter, Beam-splitter.

  • Optical Imaging Measurement & Optical instruments

    Microscopes, Laser Interferometers, Spectrum Instruments, Machine Vision System, Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) System, Non-contact Displacement Measurement System, Tri-ordinate Measuring Machine, 3D Stereo Microscopic Imaging Device, Projector, Optical Table and Translation Stage, Surface Visual Inspection System, Telescope, Astronomical Observation Instrument, Bird-watching Scope, Stands, and other Optical Applications, etc.

  • Optical Lens & Camera Module

    Machine Vision Camera, Vehicular Camera, Security Camera, Zooming Camera, Industrial Camera Len, Telecentric Len, Various Camera and Len; Camera Module and Lens for Cellphone, Laptop, Tablet Computer, Vehicle, etc. Lens Assembly and Detection Equipment, Lens Testing Instrument, Design Element, Lens Accessories, Lens Production and Processing Equipment, Lens Coating, etc.

  • Optical Coating Technology & Equipment

    Various Vacuum Coating Machine, Vacuum Valve and Vacuum Component, Vacuum Acquisition Equipment, Vacuum Plating Equipment, Vacuum Freeze-drying Equipment, Vacuum System Accessories, Vacuum Sealing Component and Device, Packer Elements, Target Material, Power, Fixture for Coating, Cleaning Equipment, etc.

  • Optical Processing Equipment

    Various Cold working, Aspherical Surface Processing Devices, Single and Double-sided Grinding and Polishing Machine, Spherical and Aspherical Lens-Mounding Machine, Electroforming Apparatus, Mould for Optical Processing, Grinding Wheel, Diamond Turning Machine, Glass Cutting Machine, Dicing Saw, Crystal Growth Equipment, etc.

  • Machine Vision & Industrial Application

    Smart Camera and Accessories, Board Card, Industrial Camera, Light source, Subsidiary, Image Processing System, Machine Vision Integration.

  • Sapphire and Touch Screen Manufacturing

    Sapphire Material, Sapphire Growth Equipment, Sapphire Processing and Surface Finishing Equipment, Touch Screen Components and Module, Touch Screen Material and Consumable, Touch Screen Manufacturing Equipment, etc.

  • AR&VR

    Optical Lens, Imaging System, Display Panel, Main Control Chip, Sensor, Optical Equipment, Chips and Display Screen, FOV Deep Sensor, Camera, Gyroscope, Accelerator, Magnetmeter, Motion Capturing Equipment, Head Tracking Equipment, Gesture Recognition Equipment, Voice Recognition Equipment, Helmet, Glasses, All-in-one Machine, Interaction Equipment, etc.

  • Key Exhibitors

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