• Intelligent Sensing Expo

Sensors are developing into a more intelligent, connected and integrated way, driven by more and more applications in IoT, 5G, artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, industrial automation and robotics. At present, China’s has formed a complete sensor industry chain and become the most powerful sensor application market.

CIOE 2022 - Intelligent Sensing Expo is a perfect sourcing platform for entire sensing products including LiDAR, 3D vision, fiber optic sensors, industrial sensors and measurement, millimeter wave radar, and IoT. The expo will attract many leading sensor companies such as VisionICs, Hypersen, Neuvition, Juyou, Nephotonics, Silicon Integrated, ABAX, ACUS, RaySea, Stella, Zhisensor to present the topnotch sensing products and solutions.

CIOE 2022 - Intelligent Sensing Expo is your ideal sourcing sensor platform for hot sellers like LiDAR and 3D vision. Meet your potential partners on September 7 to 9, 2022 at Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center.

  • Key Products

  • LiDAR

    Core Component (Laser, Scanner, Detector and Receiver IC, Position and Navigation System, etc.), Lidar System and Solution

  • 3D Vision

    Infrared LED, VCSEL, MEMS Micromirror, Image Sensor, Image Processing Chip, Application Solution

  • Industrial Sensors and Measurement

    Industrial sensors: MEMS Sensor, Gas Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Pressure Sensor, Accelero Sensor, Flow Sensor, Ultrasonic Sensor, Liquid Level Sensor, Displacement Sensor, Acoustic Sensor, Environmental Sensor, Resistive Sensor, Gyroscope, Resistance Strain Sensor, Piezoresistive sensor;
    Test and Measurement: Sensor System and Sensory Analysis Instrument

  • Fiber Optic Sensor, Millimeter Wave Radar

  • Internet of Things

    Item Identification Equipment, RFID Label, Barcode Printer, Handheld Barcode Scanner, Smart Factory System, Wireless Sensor Network, Data Storage, Smart Labels, Sensor, etc.

  • Key Exhibitors

  • CIOE 2020 Visitor Analysis

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CIOE 2022

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