• Display Technology Expo

CIOE 2023 – Display Technology Expo used to be a separate section of photonics expo. But this year at CIOE, we expand the exhibition area and expect a breakthrough in display section while the global display market size was valued at USD 148.4 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach USD 177.1 billion by 2026. Asia-Pacific, specifically China, remains a significant participant in the global display industry. This expo will further gather buyers from consumer electronics, medical devices, advanced manufacturing, and display to source latest products and technologies.

CIOE 2023 – Display Technology Expo is ready to explore the huge potential in Chinese display market with you. So don’t hesitate to contact us for a booth now.

  • Key Products

Display Manufacturing Equipment

Exposure Equipment, Physical Vapor Deposition Equipment, Chemical Vapor Deposition Equipment, Etching Equipment, Inkjet Printing Equipment, Surface Gluer, Evaporation Equipment, Laser Equipment, Massive Transfering Equipment, Curing Equipment, Stripping Equipment, Cutting Equipment, Dispensing Equipment, Cleaning Equipment, Fitting Equipment, Detection and Repair Equipment, Edge Grinding Equipment, Visual Inspection Equipment, etc.

Display Material

Target Material, OLED Material, Quantum Dot, Mini/Micro LED Chip, Driver IC, PCB, FPC, Glass Substrate, Glass Cover, LC Material, ITO Glass, Polarizer, Color Filter, Adhesive Product, Mask, Antistatic Material, Electrophoresis Material, Optical Waveguide Material, Photoresist, Developer, Electrode Material, etc.

Display Panel/Module

LCD Panel, OLED Panel, Mini-LED Panel, Micro-LED Panel, Micro-OLED Module, 3D Display Solution, COB Module, RGB Packing, Backlight Component, etc.

Terminal Display Product

LCD, OLED, Mini/Micro-LED, Micro-OLED, AR, VR, MR, Laser Projection, Reflective Display, On-board Display, Wearable Display, Commercial Display, Interactive Display, Transparent Display, Flexible Display, Glass-free Display, Holographic Display, etc.

  • Key Exhibitors

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