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With the rapid development of electronic information technology and fast update of various applications such as smartphones, automotive, surveillance, AR&VR, lasers, drones, medical and automation systems, the requirements of precision optical products are increasing continuously. Chinese manufacturers, who takes nearly 1/3 of world’s optics capacity, will be your ideal partner to meet the sourcing requirements and to inspire your business with cost-effective products.

CIOE 2024 – Precision Optics Expo & Camera Expo gathers over 1,000 leading companies from the world to showcase the state-of-the-art products such as optical materials, optical components, optical processing equipment, optical lens, camera module, optical coating technology and equipment and camera applications in, smartphone, automotive, AR/ VR, machine vision and industrial manufacturing, . This event will be the ideal platform for peers from consumer electronics, advanced manufacturing, defense and security, medical and other applications to source target products in China.

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  • Key Products

Optical Material

Optical Glass, Sapphire Material, Quartz Glass, Crystal, Plastic Material, Grinding and Polishing Material

Optical Cold Processing Component

Spherical and Aspherical Lens, Prism, Cylindrical Mirror, Plane Window, Focusing Mirror, Full and Half Reflecting Mirror, Beam Expander, Filter, Splitter.

Mould Pressing/Injection Molded Optical Component

Molded Glass Component, Plastic Lens Component.

Optical Processing Equipment

Optical Cold Processing Equipment: Single-sided and Double-sided Grinding and Polishing Machine, Lower Hem Machine, Lens Thinning and Grinding Machine, Molds and Grinding Wheels for Optical Processing, Ultra-precision Diamond Single-point and Turning Equipment, Glass Cutting Machine/Dicing Saw/External Circular Saw, Crystal Growth Equipment, etc. Optical Thermal Processing Equipment: Spherical, Aspherical Lens Molding Equipment and Electroforming Equipment, Plastic Optical Components Injection Molding Equipment, Mold Temperature Machine, etc. .

Sapphire Processing Application

Sapphire Material, Sapphire Growth Equipment, Production Equipment, Sapphire Crystal, Sapphire Lens, Sapphire Window, Protective Cover, LED Substrate Material, Camera Protection Cover, Fingerprint Recognition Cover, Wearable Device Cover, Sapphire Film, Sapphire Shaped Part, etc.

Optical Film Component

Reflective Film, Anti-reflective Coating, Interference Filter, Optical Protection Film, Polarizing Coating, Spectroscopic Film and Phase Coating, etc.

Optical Coating Material

Metal Oxide, Target Material, etc.

Optical Coating Equipment

Various Vacuum Coating Equipment, Vacuum Valve and Vacuum Part, Vacuum Measurement and Calibration Instrument, Vacuum Pump, Vacuum Freeze-Drying Equipment, Ion Source, Vacuum System Accessories and Seals, RF Power Supply, Coating Fixture and Jig, Cleaning Equipment, etc.

Optical Lens

Machine Vision Lens, Automotive Lens, Security Lens, Zoom Lens, Industrial Camera Lens, Telecentric Lens, etc.

Camera Module

Cell Phone, Laptop, Tablet PC, Automotive and Camera Lens Module, Security Camera Module, Projection Module, etc.

Camera Accessories

CMOS, Sensor, Motor, Lens Accessory, etc.

Camera Manufacturing Equipment

Lens Assembly and Testing Instrument, Dispensing Equipment, etc.

Optical Measuring Instrument

Laser Interferometer, Spectrometer, Three-coordinate Measuring Instrument, Surface Vision Inspection System, Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) System, Non-contact Displacement Measurement System, 3D Stereo Microscopic Imaging Equipment, Optical Stage and Displacement Table, Telescope, Astronomical Observation Instrument, Bird Watching Mirror and Mount, etc.

Optical Imaging System

Optical Imaging System

Machine Vision and Industrial Automation

Smart Camera, Industrial Camera, Industrial Lens, Light Source, Black and White Capture Card, Image Compression/Decompression Board, Image Processing Board, Image Processing Software, Machine Vision Tool Software, etc. Intelligent Vision Inspection System, Surface Inspection System, Visual Online Inspection System for Complex Industrial Object, Biometric System, Security Supervision System, Security Monitoring System, Biometric System, Light Field Inspection System, Machine Vision Medical Inspection System.


AR Optical Waveguide Component, Imaging System, AR Display Module, Diffraction Grating, Motion Capture Device, Sound Recognition Device, Helmet, Glasses, All-in-one Machine, Interactive Device, VR + Applications.


Medical Camera, Automotive Camera, Intelligent Security Camera.

Endoscope and Accessories

Endoscope and Accessories

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