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Sensors are widely used in emerging fields like industrial automation, aerospace technology, military engineering, robotics, security, autonomous driving, household appliances, etc. with the development of China’s technology level now. But when comes to high-end sensors, China is still a blue sea with very few players could make the requirements of high-end sensors.

CIOE 2022 – Intelligent Sensing Expo is the most effective event for manufacturers and service providers of 3D vision, LiDAR, millimeter wave radar, MEMS sensing and industrial sensors and measurement to have direct communication with users from the application fields of consumer electronics, intelligent driving, communication electronics, and intelligent manufacturing. Moreover, this expo will be a professional platform for manufacturer to showcase top-notch sensors, to execute branding, and to build new partnership.

CIOE 2022 – Intelligent Sensing Expo can be your ideal access to China’s booming market. Contact us for a booth proposal now and prepare to meet your further partners and buyers in Shenzhen .

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Core Component (Laser, Scanner, Detector and Receiver IC, Position and Navigation System, etc.), Lidar System and Solution.

3D Camera, 3D Imaging & Sensing

CMOS Image Sensor, CCD Image Sensor, Gesture Recognition, Iris Recognition, Infrared LED, EEL, VCSEL, MEMS Micro Mirror, Vision Sensor, Image Processing Chip, Algorithm, Vision Integration And Application Solutions.

MEMS Device & Sensing

Inertial Sensor, Pressure Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Angular Velocity Sensor, Pulse Sensor, Smoke Sensor, Fingerprint Sensor, Microphones, Acoustic Sensor, Automotive Sensor, etc.

Millimeter-wave Radar

Millimeter Wave Radar Core Devices: MMIC, Baseband Digital Signal Processor, Antenna High Frequency PCB, Millimeter Wave System and Solutions.

Industrial Sensors and Measurement

3D Vision Inspection and Systems, Vision Sensing Systems and Sensory Measurement Equipment, Photoelectric Sensors, Optical Fiber Sensors, Grating Sensors, Gas Sensors, Temperature and Humidity Sensors, Environmental Sensors, Position Sensors, Acceleration Sensors, Flow Sensors, Vision Sensors, Dynamic Torque Sensors, Ultrasonic Sensors, Liquid Level Sensors, Displacement Sensors, Environmental Sensors, Resistive Sensors, Gyroscopes, Resistance-Strain Sensors, Piezoresistive Sensors, etc.

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