• Photonics Innovation Expo

CIOE 2023 – Photonics Innovation & Display Expo serves as a comprehensive platform for national research institutes and labs from universities to demonstrate topnotch result and achievements of their results, will be showcasing the leading edge photonics research and incubate projects.

China’s top research institutes and universities such as Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nanjing Nanotech Institute, will display their new products in photonics materials, information optoelectronic technology, intelligent manufacturing and robot, optical technology and application, AR/VR, etc. Moreover, the brand-new section of display industry will be organized this year to represent the latest display screen, display panel and display applications especially from display applications in consumer electronics, medical, advanced manufacturing, light and display to source latest products and technologies.

CIOE 2023 – Photonics Innovation Expo & Display Expo is the great chance to probe into the latest photonics research results and emerging technologies in China. Register now and meet them at Shenzhen World on September 6-8, 2023.

  • Photonics Innovation Expo


Medical Imaging, Healthcare Photonics, Smart Healthcare, Optoelectronic Monitor, Infrared Diagnosis Device, Biophotonic Detector, Biophotonic Microscope, Laser Diagnosis Device, Laser Treatment Instrument, Laser Scalpel, CT Imaging Instrument, Smart Medical, Elder Caring.

Information Optoelectronic Technology

High-speed Optoelectronic Chip, Optoelectronic Integrated Component, High-desity Small Packaging, Optoelectronic Sensing Core Component, New Detector Chip, ML Broadband Laser, High-speed Optoelectronic Detector (Silicon PIN, Avalanche Photodiode), VCSEL Chip, High-speed Optical Modulator, Receiver and Processor IC, Silicon Photonics Integration, COMS Chip, CCD Chip, Fiber Sensing.

New Photonics Materials

New Photonic Crystal, New Photonic Material, Intelligent/Bionic/Ultra Material, New Semiconductor Lighting Material, Nano Photonic Material, New Energy Material, Photonic Crystal, The 3rd Generation Semiconductor Material.

Optical Technology and Application

High Brightness Laser Display Source Module, High-power Blue-green Laser Module, OLED Module, New Display Component and Module, UP-level Screen Raw Material, New Material and New Achievement of Screen, Micro Nano Processing Technology and Equipment, Infrared Camera, High-speed Camera, Multispectral Camera, Space Borned Spectroscope, Super-resolution Microscope, Environment Detection Technology.

Intelligent Manufacturing and Robot

Machine Vision, Intelligent Robot, Intelligent Camera, 3D Sensing, Laser Metal Powder, 3D Printing, Intelligent Device and Instrument, Intelligent Sensing, Intelligent Control, Micro Nano Manufacturing, Intelligent Image Diagnosis, Flaw Detection, Intelligent Security.

  • Display Expo

Display Screen

LCD, OLED, Micro-LED, MiniLED, Micro Display and Technical Application Solutions.

Display Panel Materials

LED Chips, RGB Packing, OLED Materials, Quantum Dots, Blacklight Components, Driver ICs, PCB and other New Display Materials.

Display Panel Manufacturing Equipment

Exposure Equipment, Etching Equipment, Clean Equipment, Laminating Equipment, Testing Equipment, Curing Equipment, Inkjet Printing Equipment, Cutting Equipment, Laser Equipment, Mass Transfer Equipment, Detection and Repair Equipment, etc.

Display Applications

In-vehicle Display, Medical Display, Security Surveillance, Military and Security, etc.

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