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Driven by the China’s national strategy “Industry 4.0” and “Made in China 2025”, China’s manufacturing processing is lifting to a higher level and in which lasers as the key supporting technology are becoming ready and mature. China’s laser industrial chain is fully completed now composing by laser materials, laser optics, lasers, laser accessories, and laser systems for processing, cutting, drilling, welding, and labeling.

CIOE 2022 – Lasers Technology & Intelligent Manufacturing Expo is one exhibition focusing on laser technology in manufacturing, especially in fine processing field. It will gather 300+ leading laser brands to showcase the new products and technologies in lasers, laser equipment, laser materials, laser optical components and device. This event will help you to get a closer exploration into China’s market information, topnotch laser products and technologies.

Visit the grand exhibition CIOE 2022 - Lasers Technology & Intelligent Manufacturing Expo at Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center. Register and get your free admission to connect with the powerful laser communities in China.

  • Key Products

Laser Materials & Components

Chip Design, Chip Software, Wafers, Substrates, TEC Chips, IC Chips, DFB & EML Chips, PIN & APD Chips, High-speed Modulator Chips, Adjustable Laser Chips, VCSEL Chips, Pumping Laser Chips, PLC, AWG, TIA, LD Driver, CDR Chips, Epitaxial Wafers, Photoresists, Photolithography Plates, SiC, GaN Materials, Monocrystalline Sillicon, Lithium Niobate Single Crystal Thin Film, Passive Components, Silicon Photonics Integration, Compound Materials and Crystals, etc.


Solid State Laser, Semiconductor Laser, YAG Laser, CO2 Laser, Excimer Laser, Dye Laser, Free Electron Laser, Fiber Laser, Ultrafast laser, Quantum Cascade Laser, Disk Laser, Laser Detector, Laser Beam Detection, Laser Measurement System, etc.

Laser Components, Motion and Cutting Control System, Auxiliary System

Laser Processing Head, Laser Power Supply, Oscillator, Q Switch, Optical Adjustment Platform, Processing Control Software, Integrated Optical Devices and Application Devices, CNC System, Servo Motor, Main Control Board, I/O Equipment, Processing Table, Equipment Cabinet, Heat Sink, Analyzer, Energy Meter, Spectrometer, Optical Tool Testing Instrument and Equipment, Safety Googles, etc.

Laser Equipment and Accessories

Laser Marking Machine, Laser Cutting Machine, Laser Welding Machine, Laser Engraving Machine,Laser Scribing Equipment, Laser Cleaning Equipment, Laser Cladding Equipment, Laser Heat Treatment System, Laser Grossing System, Laser Show System, Mainframe, Air Supply System, Cooling System, Control System, etc.

Laser Specialty Applications

Medical Applications, Laser Ranging and Measurement, Laser Display, Choreography Applications, Landscape Applications, etc.

3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing

3D Industrial/Desktop Printers, Laser 3D Scanners and Measuring Instruments, Laser Plate Making, 3D Laser Engraving Machines, Laser Trackers, Motion Capture Systems, 3D Photogrammetry Systems, 3D Printer Accessories, CNC Systems, Inspection and Reverse Engineering Software, 3D Inspection Software, etc.

Intelligent and Automation Equipment

Intelligent Industrial Equipment, Intelligent Software and Technology, Motion Control Equipment, Automated Production Lines, Intelligent Processing Equipment, Control Systems and Functional Components, Robots, Industrial Control Automation and System Integration, Semiconductor Equipment, Industrial Internet and Artificial Intelligence Equipment

Industrial Robot and Automation

Welding Robots, Assembly Robots, Handling Robots, Collaborative Robots, Palletizing Robots, Inspection and Maintenance Robots, Filament Bars, Guide Rails, Bearings, Manipulator Modules, Gears, Couplings, Clutches, Brakes, Motors, Pneumatic Systems, Human-Machine Interfaces, Reducers, Frequency Converters; Industrial Control Machines, CNC Systems, Motion Control Cards, Actuators, Industrial Power Supplies, FA Factory Automation Platforms, Embedded Systems, Industrial Measurement and Instrumentation Auxiliary Equipment, Etc.

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