Translation & Etiquette Service

To create a better experience for exhibitors and visitors in CIOE, interpreter and simultaneous interpretation equipment in multi-languages are available as well as services like receptionist and hostess. If you require mentioned services, please contact CIOE’s appointed agency JLBEST Meeting via e-mail (  or telephone (+86-755-82288 0055/90 )

Interpreter / Receptionist Information

Interpreter / Receptionist Price List
Language Rate/Day(8 hours)
Chinese/ English 800
Chinese/Japanese, Korean 1,000
Chinese/French 1,500
Chinese/German 1,500
Chinese/ Russian 1,500
Chinese/Italian 1,800
Chinese/Spanish 2,000
Chinese/Portugal 2,000
English Speaking Receptionist 1,000
Booth Temp Staff 3,50
Etiquette 5,50